Solo Traveler #94: BH Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner

In April, I picked up BH Cosmetic’s felt tip Liquid Eyeliner for $4.00 ($100.00/oz). It scored a 20.

18052455_10101006298617869_531507077_oAs with the NYX felt tip liner I picked up in the same purchase, I got this while on the hunt for a Too Faced Sketch Marker dupe. In the last few months, I’ve tried several different brands. This one is a good one!


  • This product is a solid black shade.
  • This product does not transfer once it dries.
  • It has a slight smell but it doesn’t bother my eyes.
  • This lasts all day if used over eyeshadow and for about 10 hours if used on bare skin (on a low oil day of course).


  • This is a normal size pen. After using the smaller Wet N Wild pen for weeks, I’ve gotten spoiled and prefer that over the regular sized ones.

That is really the only con I can come up with for this product. Add to this that this BH Cosmetics pen is twice the product and is less than 50% of the cost of the NYX felt tip liner and that is a nice little bonus. I still prefer my Wet N Wild pen over this one so I probably won’t repurchase it but I’ll definitely continue to use it.

❤ Dee


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