Spring Cleaning: Lip Liners

Spring cleaning has not been my favorite thing but it really is a necessity. As I go through my products, the sheer number I have of certain things is astonishing. For what it is worth, I did make an executive decision that I am not giving up any of my lip primers or eyeshadow primers. I only have 1 lip primer so that was simple enough. And with eyeshadow primers, I have sample sizes of most so I will start using them up to make space. It won’t take long, honestly.

As for products that I do need to downsize, I decided to take a look at lip liners today. 17 lip liners in my collection. Some have got to go!


The list: L’Oreal Colour Riche lip liner in eternal, Rimmel Exaggerate lip liner in innocent, Ulta dual lip liner in flesh and rose, Estee Edit lip liner in 05 the buff, J.Cat Beauty auto lip liners in amaranth and electric crimson, Makeup Revolution lip liners in reign and echelon, ColourPop lip liners in dopey and frick’n’frack, NYX lip liners in prune, stockholm, and 2 pale pinks (not the same shade -.-), and Wet N Wild gel lip liners in never petal down, bare to comment, and red the scene.

After some intense back and forth, I pulled 6 lip liners out of my collection. I decided to get rid of my 2 oldest lip liners (Rimmel and L’Oreal) and the 4 NYX pencils. I have so much problem out of those pencils. They feather or don’t sharpen right or something every single time I use them.

So now, I have 11 lip liners in my collection.


I’m getting there. More Spring cleaning coming soon.

❤ Dee


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