Vacation Day 9 and Souvenirs

The last day of my vacation was a mix of fun, irritation, sadness, and relief.

I woke up early despite not needing to be up early. I had arranged for a late checkout since my plane wasn’t leaving until 8:30pm. Instead of 11am, I was allowed to check out at 1pm, so at 8:30am, I was at the pool working on evening out my farmer’s tan I picked up at Cococay. It was a pleasant, relaxing morning. A couple of cranes decided to walk past me in the early morning. That was… weird.

By 11am though, I was bored. My bags were packed, my room picked up, I was hungry, and I was waiting on my Orlando friends to pick me up by 1pm. I almost went and ate lunch without them. They finally picked me up and we ate at a restaurant about 20 minutes away from the airport. I bought their lunches on both day 7 and day 9 since they were doing me a huge favor and I gave them gas money since the airport was definitely out of their way (by almost an hour).

They dropped me off at the airport at 3:30pm. They had things to do after all. I was sad to say goodbye but we’ve talked every day since then on Facebook so that is all good.

What wasn’t good was after getting to the airport. I waited in the check-in line for over 30 minutes so I could check my bag. No big deal. But then the counter employee told me I couldn’t check my bag yet because it was too early. This flight company has a 24-hour prior to boarding check in so why on Earth am I not able to check my bag?! I ended up asking the counter supervisor that exact question. The counter employee was very apologetic and polite. This supervisor was not. She snapped at me that it wasn’t her problem that I got to the airport too early. Er… uh it can be your problem real quick lady, if you’d really like it to be. -.- So I went outside, with my damn bag, to the smoking area to wait until a “more appropriate” time to check my bag.

I ended up meeting another counter employee that was finishing her shift. After telling her what happened, she called the real supervisor. Apparently, the woman I spoke to earlier wasn’t even a supervisor, she was just filling in for someone that had stepped off the floor for a few minutes and I was the 4th passenger that she had been rude to that day. She explained why I couldn’t check my bag at the time (smaller airport, no room to hold bags for later flights during peak hours when I first arrived), and assured me the supervisor would speak to the lady at the counter about being more polite, informative, and understanding with travelers. I told her that all that lady had to do was explain that they didn’t have a place for bags for later flights. I would have completely understood that!

When I went back in at 5pm, I got my bag checked with no problem and saw that snippy lady as I was walking away. I’m not a vindictive person but man I really wanted to snap at her as I was walking past saying “It is your problem now.” I didn’t… I minded my manners. I’ve worked in the service industry. I know how difficult and frustrating it can be. But it still does not excuse bad behavior. I saw her later and man, she wasn’t happy. I overheard her complaining about how she’d had such a bad day with rude customers. Huh… I know that feeling. She was walking out with security. I’m hoping they were escorting her out but probably not. lol

My flight ended up boarding almost an hour late but we still made it back to CVG a couple minutes earlier than scheduled. The pilot said we got a good wind that got us going. Almost no turbulence on this flight. I had an isle seat this time and sat next to 2 girls that simultaneously cracked me up and ticked me off for the entire flight. They were talking about school and their engineering program. Their commentary on their classes made me laugh. But they didn’t stop talking loudly for the entire near 2 hour flight. I just wanted to sleep for a little bit since I had a long drive home. Didn’t happen. Oy.

We made it in at around 11pm and I was at my car at about 11:45pm. It was so nice to drive home! Sabriel, my senior kitty, was waiting for me at the door at a little after 1am. I wanted nothing less than to pass out!


The next day, I was finally able to go through my souvenirs. I got the girls a shirt and bag each from Cococay and Nassau. I got convertible dresses on Cococay that I need to repair before I give to the girls. I got my book and post cards from Universal. I got a statue at Disney. I got Mom her necklace (not pictured), my own jewelry, and some shell/starfish stuff in Nassau plus playing cards and rum cake. I got Granny’s bracelet on the ship (not pictured).

This vacation was fantastic. I came home exhausted, a bit sun burned, and happy. I really needed the time away. Now it is time to start planning my 2018 vacation!

❤ Dee


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