Solo Traveler #92: 2B Colours Mascara Colours Make A Difference Mascara

I got a mascara from 2B Colours, a brand I have never heard of. I kept seeing that burgundy mascaras were going to be all the rage in 2017 but I’ve yet to see many of them on the market. I got the Mascara Colours Make A Difference in fuchsia for $7.99 ($31.96/oz). It scored a 19.


This product is a bit of a mixed bag for me.

On one hand, I kind of hate it. It smells awful and definitely makes my eyes water if I’m using it for more than a few seconds at a time. Because of that, it takes a long time to apply one or two strokes at a time. When applied to the tips of the lashes after having already applied a black mascara, the color is very difficult to see unless you put on several layers. Plus, this is pink. I mean, I knew it was pink when I bought it, but I had hoped it would be more red when put over black. It is not.

On the other hand, I kind of love it. By itself, without a black mascara, the color is vibrant. 2 coats are enough to thicken the lashes and add a pop of color to the eyes. And it lasts all day without flaking off or transferring.

I don’t know about this brand of mascara. I won’t be trying any more of their color mascaras but I’m also leery of the rest of their mascaras because how bad this one smells.

❤ Dee


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