Vacation Day 7 and 8

Right on time, our cruise ship returned to US waters in the early morning of day 7 of my vacation. I was happy to see US soil and not happy at the same time. By this time, I was missing home and my family but also not ready for vacation to be over.

My new friends, the guys, are locals in Orlando. They offered to take me back to Orlando instead of me taking Uber. That was fantastic. I visited their home to see their puppies and their bird (oy), we had lunch, and then they dropped me off at my hotel. They warned me that I wasn’t in a good neighborhood and to be careful at night. Lovely.

I had one sketchy issue right after dark. I was sitting outside my room smoking and this random guy pulled into the parking lot and walked toward me. I was watching my surroundings so I saw him. I don’t know if the whole thing was innocent, if he was planning to steal my phone and run, or if there was more nefarious plans in his mind. But another car pulled into that end of the parking lot and he wandered off. That was enough for me so I went back into my room, bolted the door, checked the windows were locked, and called it a night. o.0

The next morning, day 8, was my Disney Magic Kingdom day. I took my time getting ready in the morning. I’d spent most of my vacation on a time table and I wasn’t about to do that on my last real day of vacation. I ended up getting into an Uber car at noon. This guy also didn’t speak English! I had to call my new friends and have them translate for him since the guys are bilingual. Thank God for them!

I got into Disney just in time for the parade! Woo! I immediately grabbed lunch in the sit-down restaurant. It took 30 minutes to get a table but the food was so good. Definitely worth the wait. After that, I just wandered all over the park taking a ton of pictures and people watching. At about 4pm, it started sprinkling. And then all out pouring rain. I debated leaving the park for my hotel and decided to try to stick it out. Cast members said it was normal and would probably pass. I got a Disney poncho for $10 and continued my day. However, at 7pm, it was still raining and the wind started picking up so it was cold too. I was soaked through my clothes despite the poncho and ultimately ended up pouring water out of my shoes.

I spoke to a different cast member and she said they were told the fireworks at 9pm had been pushed back twice so they weren’t expecting it to happen before 10pm at that point. If the rain kept up like the satellite said, it might be 10:30pm or 11pm before they’d do the show. The cool thing was that this was a brand new show, literally the 2nd night of the show after a 30 or 40 year program was replaced the night before. I really wanted to see the fireworks. A glance at my phone being at 30% battery decided it for me: time to go back to my hotel and try to watch the show on Facebook at a later time. Without my phone, I wouldn’t be able to get Uber back to my hotel and would end up paying $80 or so for a taxi. Nope.

I got back to my room around 8pm. After a shower and some dinner, I peeked outside and it looked like the rain cleared up after all. Bummer but I think I made the right decision.

With Disney done, it really hit me that my vacation was coming to a close. 😦

I will be back with the last day of vacation and my souvenir purchases soon, the last of my vacation posts.

❤ Dee


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