Solo Traveler #91: Ulta Rainbow Highlighter

In April, Ulta was running a B2G1 free sale on Ulta brand products. Normally, I wait until they are running the B2G2free sale but I needed some new items to review. My free item ended up being replacement brush heads for my Ulta cleansing brush. They were $8.00 normally and I got them free. In order to get the brush heads free, I had to buy 2 other Ulta products so I picked out a crease brush for $10.00 and Ulta’s Rainbow Highlighter for $10.00 ($38.46/oz). The highlighter scored a 20.

18052209_10101006298533039_783649630_oI keep saying I am over the highlighter trend but then I see something pretty and have to try it. That was the case with this rainbow highlighter.


  • The price is excellent.
  • The product is super pigmented, requiring only one brush stroke to get payout.
  • The product can be built up. Careful not to build too much though or you’ll get an almost metallic look. If you’re into the metallic shine, carry on.



  • With no dividers between the shades, it is near impossible to use one shade as a highlighter without picking up more shades. Unless you use an eyeshadow brush and are incredibly careful.
  • When building, it takes very careful brush use to get a division of colors that don’t become muddy. Same goes for blending. If it all swirls together, you’ll be left with mostly an earthy yellow shade that doesn’t resemble a rainbow at all.
  • The purple shade is not very pigmented and takes a lot of work to get that specific color to show up.

I bought this more as a novelty so I probably will not repurchase it. However, I think it is a quality product and I am happy to add it to my collection.

❤ Dee


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