Vacation Day 5 and 6

Day 5 of vacation was awesome. We went to our second island, Nassau. Now, I’m not a world traveler and I am admittedly the American stereotype here. I have no knowledge of world geography, politics, economy, etc. I’m comfortable in my privileged bubble. So when I got on deck at 7am and saw us docked at a legit city, I was astonished. I genuinely expected Nassau to be like Cococay: sand, huts, and beach chairs.

Before we could disembark from the ship, the captain informed us of a issue on the island. That specific day was the island’s election day so the island had banned alcohol sales until after the election closed at 6pm. Lots of vacationers were incredibly upset. I wasn’t upset but I was a bit put off. However, we found some ways around this. 😉

My group of 6 (my dinner companions) headed onto the island after breakfast to do some shopping. Walking across those streets gave me serious anxiety. No stop signs or stop lights to be seen. People signaled by blowing their horn. Cars edged out into oncoming (and speeding) traffic. Pedestrians played frogger with oncoming traffic. I was unamused. We stuck to the sidewalk and hit up Bay Street where most of the store fronts were. We browsed a few designer stores (Oakley was the I can think of right now) but no one was in the market for $300 sun glasses. We were in the market for jewelry so we went to Diamonds International.

The people at DI immediately served us alcohol. lol I guess to get us to open our wallets a bit more. I told the sales rep what I needed, stuck to my budget, and found a lovely sand dollar necklace (and free matching bracelet) for myself and a heart mother-of-pearl necklace for my mom. From there we hit an island souvenir store and then Del Sol. I got some playing cards and rum cake in the island shop and 2 shirts and a bag in Del Sol. Del Sol is really cool… all their products change colors in the sun!

We decided to walk around a bit once we got to where the traffic wasn’t crazy and that ended up being a bad idea. We ended up near the straw market. I’m not one that is easily swayed to part with my money by hustlers so I didn’t have an issue. But one of the ladies with us got screwed over with hair braiding. She was told $1 per braid and when they were done, they told her it was $5 per braid. One of the guys got harangued in the straw market by everyone when they saw him to be an easy mark. The simple fact that he didn’t have any cash on him kept him from buying $300 worth of imported junk that he didn’t need nor did he have the room to carry home.

We went back to the ship for lunch and headed back to the island in the afternoon with the intention of hitting up a beach. We met the port manager who told us about Cabbage Beach and suggested we go to the Atlantis resort after 6pm because the aquarium is free then. We were very thankful for him and I ended up adding him on Facebook. 😀 We had an amazing time at the beach. The water was stunning, the beach was clean for the most part, and there were almost no people there. It was our own little piece of Heaven for a couple of hours. The aquarium was nice. It wasn’t a big aquarium so we were able to walk the whole thing, pausing for pictures at every tank, in less than 40 minutes.

We finally got a taxi back to the ship around 8pm and the taxi driver explained a lot about the island’s history and the political and economic divide of the rich class and the people class. By the time we got back to the ship, we were all very curious about who won the election. The people’s class won by 92% by the way. 😀

I was skeptical, but the ship dinning room actually let us go to dinner in our swimming gear. I felt ridiculous walking in there in my swim suit and cover up with my hat in hand and trailing sand everywhere. Dinner was so good though so I finally got over being under dressed and had a great night. This is the one night I managed to stay up past 11pm to hang out.

Day 6 was a full day of sailing, no stops. I saw my new friends a few times throughout the day but we mostly did our own things with our own groups (me, solo lol). I did some shopping on the ship to get Granny a souvenir bracelet (regular $95, sale $19.99). From what I was told, my friends hit up shows, the casino, a dance competition, and other sales. We met up for one last dinner. I spent a lot of time on deck 7 just taking in the sea. It was a relaxing day and I was very sorry to see it end. It was a selfie kind of day. ❤

I will be back soon with Day 7 and Day 8 (Disney!) of vacation.

❤ Dee


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