Spring Cleaning: Eyebrow Products

Good morning everyone! I really need to go through my makeup collection and start pruning it. I have a small bedroom and all of my things are in this room. With the addition of vacation supplies, makeup, and makeup packaging, I have felt so claustrophobic the last few months. However, I am incredibly busy over the next few weeks with weddings, dog shows, graduation parties, birthday parties, the ever present mowing and yard work, and trying to catch up on makeup reviews for new products I picked up in April and early May.

Friday night, I got started with Spring cleaning by getting rid of almost all of the boxes & packaging that I have collected since July of last year. I ended up keeping 3 boxes because they are real boxes with bodies and lids (the 2 Gimme Some… Lip set lip-shaped boxes and the Lash Party box). Everything else went in the trash. Including the boxes for my Urban Decay palettes. That hurt but it was necessary. I am breathing better already!

But I still don’t really have time to go through everything right now and manage to keep track of all the information to blog about it. So I’m going to go through one product type at a time and make my life easier. This morning, I went through my eyebrow products!

This is what I started with:


City Color Bold Brow Kit in medium, Elf Brow Pencil in taupe, Ulta Beauty Brow Shaping Gel in clear, Ulta Brow Gel in clear (looks brown but its from putting it over powder), NYX Brow Pencil in light brown, Revlon Brow Fantasy in light brown, Ulta Beauty Brow Tint in medium, and Maybelline Brow Define & Fill Duo in soft brown.

I don’t have a ton of eyebrow products compared to some of the other products that I tend to hoard. I really only have so much here because of trying so many different shades over time.

I ended up pruning 1/2 of this collection.


I just got that City Colors Brow kit so I need to keep it to continue trying it out. The ELF pencil and the Ulta Brow tint are my normal go-to for brows since they are the perfect shades for me. And that clear Ulta gel is great for when I’m too busy to fill in my brows but have a wild hair that needs to be put back in place.

If I am able to prune 1/2 of my collection of each other type of makeup, I’ll be good. However, I am willing to bet that this is not going to be the case most of the time. 😀

I’ll be back with more Spring cleaning in a few days!



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