Solo Traveler #89: NYX Hot Singles Eyeshadow

Is it surprising that I have never tried a NYX eyeshadow? I dug through my collection last month and discovered that I really have not. So, during a B1G1free sale, I picked up a Hot Singles Eyeshadow in zen. These normally retail for $4.49 ($74.83/oz). Since this was the lowest price of the 3 NYX items I picked out, I got this one for free. It scored a 19.

18052397_10101006298757589_960772208_oI picked this eyeshadow shade out because I am trying desperately to find a green eyeshadow in a color that I can’t really name and really don’t describe well. I’m looking, essentially, for a matte green that is the same shade as the green in army camo from back in the late 90s/early 2000s. It is an earthy green. I will find it eventually. This eyeshadow is not it though.

Aside from it not being the shade I wanted (and with that shimmer, I honestly didn’t expect it would be), this is a decent eyeshadow single. It doesn’t smell and it applies well. It lasts about 10 hours on a good day. It has a ton of fall out when applied but it is manageable.

Ultimately, I would say this eyeshadow is very similar to Ulta’s Brilliant Eyeshadow singles for ½ the price. I like it. And I think I would like to pick up a few more. Considering Ulta offers 44 shades of these NYX singles, I am certain to find more shades I’d be interested in trying.

❤ Dee


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