Solo Traveler #88: NYX Felt Tip Eyeliner

I planned to resume makeup reviews the day I got back from vacation but that ended up being a disastrous idea. After getting in from work, I needed to mow the yard and unpack. I just didn’t have time to get the review done before I passed out Monday night. So here we are on Wednesday instead.

I picked up the NYX Felt Tip Eyeliner in extreme black for $9.99 ($499.50/oz). This is another attempt at finding a dupe of the Too Faced Sketch Marker. I got this back in April during Ulta’s B2G1free sale. I paid the retail price for this eyeliner. It scored an 18.


Normally, a product that scores that high is probably a great product. However, I’m not crazy about this eyeliner. It picked up extra points that bumped it’s score due to the sale, points at Ulta, and NYX being cruelty free. I would say this should have scored closer to the 14 point range.

For a product named “extreme black” I would expect a deep black color. This is not a deep black color when applied to the skin. Whether it is over eyeshadow or on bare skin, no matter how hard I press, I get more of a charcoal color out of this eyeliner. This product applies fine with no skipping and it dries quickly so there is almost no transfer but that doesn’t do me much good when I want a dark black line. If this is applied over eyeshadow, it will last about 8 hours. If it is applied to bare skin that is oily (like mine), it disappears after a few hours. It also has a slight smell that I don’t like.

Couple all of that with the monstrous price per ounce and I will definitely not be buying this again. Very sad.

❤ Dee


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