Vacation Day 1 and 2

I had such a great beginning to vacation. On Day 1, I left the house around noon, made it to the airport around 1:45pm, waited in line until about 2:30pm, and finally got through security at about 3:30pm for my 5:30pm flight.

There is some kind of crazy skeleton display my airport. It must be from the Science museum. The statues were really cool. And having a window seat was cool. I got some great pictures from the air!

I made it to SFB at about 8:30pm and finally got a taxi at around 9pm. He took me to Denny’s where I ate a late dinner. Then Uber took me to my first hotel room!


They upgraded me from a regular queen to a deluxe king room. Woo woo! My days at this hotel were 1 full and 2 partials so I didn’t use the pool. It looked nice though.

I was very irritated to find that my luggage got broken somewhere between CVG and SFB. I have formed, soft-sided luggage that has a plastic shell inside. 3/4 of the corners of my shell are broken. 😡 It definitely wasn’t like that when I packed.


To Allegiant’s credit, when I complained on Facebook and told them to tell the folks at CVG and SFB (because I don’t know which airport actually did it) to be a bit easier on luggage, they apologized and at least said they would talk to the luggage handlers. *shrug*

On Day 2, I woke up super early to get ready for Universal Studios Florida and Universal Studio’s Islands of Adventure. All for Harry Potter World!


I was 7th in line to get in the park when they opened, I was there that early. lol But since I was there so early, I was actually finished by 3pm. I went through every shop at least twice. I rode the Escape from Gringotts and then passed on the other 3 rides. I bought frozen butterbeer, lunch in the Leaky Cauldron, and souvenirs from the Owl Post and Scribblers.

I wanted to buy chocolate wands and chocolate frogs from Honeydukes. But, I still had over a week on vacation and there was a chance the cruise ship would confiscate my candy souvenirs. The girls would have been sad and I would have been pissed to have $20 chocolate frogs go away. I’m glad I didn’t give in and buy any candy.

I wandered into Agrahbah (sp?) for a bit and watched the fountain harass small children. It is part of the Sinbad show. That was great. Those kids were seriously hooked and the 2 different performers running that fountain were incredible with them.

I left Universal at about 3:30pm and went back to my hotel to just veg out for the night. All of the adrenaline for going on this vacation had petered out and it was time for a shower and rest.

❤ Dee


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