Solo Traveler #87: Elizabeth Mott and Ciate London from April’s Ipsy

This is my last makeup review before Stuff in a Powder Puff goes dark for 2 weeks. I will resume makeup reviews with my small Ulta order I got in mid-April once I get back from vacation.

Let’s talk about some Ipsy makeup!

17916411_10100994990938549_1474291727_oIn April, Ipsy sent me a sample of Elizabeth Mott’s Show Me Your Glow Shimmer Shadow and Highlighter. This retails full size for $25.00 ($70.82/oz). I scored it at a 16.


  • This product is nicely pigmented. A little goes a long way.
  • This product is buildable. You can really build up the highlight.
  • It lasts all day with noticeable product remaining well into a 12-hour day.
  • As an eyeshadow, this can be used with a wet or dry brush. With a wet brush, it almost looks like a metallic eyeshadow rather than a shimmer eyeshadow. I don’t recommend using this with a wet brush as an inner eye highlight – it will burn. With a dry brush, this is a versatile eyeshadow that can be used for brow/inner eye highlighting or as an all over lid shade.


  • The sample sent to me is stupidly small. I can get an eyeshadow brush in the pan but I struggled to get my smallest highlighter brush in here.
  • This is super dusty. I had powder all over my desk after trying to get a brush in the pan.
  • The sample packaging is cheap, thin plastic. When I opened my glam bag and started throwing trash away, I mistakenly threw this product away with some other trash. Twice.

I am a bit miffed by the super stingy sample size of this product. It is a pressed powder and a little goes a long way but this thing is so small that it just makes it hard to try out. I don’t know much about this company but I feel like they could have used a larger, shallower pan for their sample and still provided the same amount of product. Overall, I’m too frustrated with it to give it a glowing review. I’m going to say this is an “eh” product. I may try to take the pan out of the plastic clamshell and see if that helps at all.

17916462_10100994990843739_974529423_oIpsy also sent Ciate London’s Bamboo Highlighter in the shade Palm Island. This is their mini size but the retail size goes for $28.00 ($80.00/oz). I scored it at an 18.


  • This is pigmented. It shows up well.
  • There isn’t a ton of fall out.
  • This lasts all day.


  • This is pigmented. Blending is crucial.
  • There are only 2 shades for this product.

I really don’t use bronzers much so I have mixed feelings about this product. I like the brand but I wouldn’t pay $28 for a single function product. Add in that the shade range is abysmal and I’ve got another “eh” product on my hands. This particular shade is actually a good match for me according to my mother. I, however, feel like it is a tad bit dark. I “lightened” it the few times I used it with translucent powder. That probably did nothing but it made me feel better at the time. lol

❤ Dee


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