I’m Out of Here

Hey everyone! As you know, I’m leaving for vacation. Everything is packed. My checked bag is in the car already. My checklist has been checked about a dozen times. I’m ready to go.

This is my last post until I get back on the 15th. I will resume posting again on the 16th. I am not taking my computer with me so I will not be tempted to try to work or blog while I’m on vacation.

I have no scheduled posts so Stuff in a Powder Puff will be going completely dark for 9 days. If you really wanna see what I’m up to, I will be posting randomly on Instagram so look for me @no.1puffin and check in often. You never know what I’ll be up to. 😀

There will be tons of adventure stories and pictures to share when I get back. I have to leave for the airport at noon tomorrow so I’m not terribly tight on time. However, I haven’t slept much lately out of excitement so I’ve got to try to get some sleep!

Have a wonderful week.

 ❤ Dee


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