In The Bag/Unboxed/Swatch Me #19

Last week, I managed to catch a 4 hour Ulta sale that got me really excited. Like… really really excited. For a short time, any $30 or higher purchase on resulted in a 3-piece gift set from Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium collection. Now, Black Opium is my favorite fragrance. And one of the few that I can wear that doesn’t make my allergies go crazy. I actually bought a $92 bottle of this perfume back in January, that’s how much I like it. It is the highest priced single beauty item I have ever purchased. By about $40 or so. It is safe to say that Black Opium will probably retain that title for a while.

Seeing that sale, I knew the time had come to order Gran’s Mother’s Day gift. She likes my Ulta Beauty Cleansing Brush so I ordered her one and a set of replacement heads. She is going to be very excited. I didn’t take a picture of it because I’ve already done that on here with my own. On to the stuff I actually got to open!


That 3-piece Yves Saint Laurent gift set included a large coppery metallic makeup bag, a small size Black Opium perfume, and a Black Opium Shimmery Hydrating Fluid (shimmer lotion essentially). The lotion and perfume just! Ahhhh. I was happy to add the makeup bag to my growing bag collection (thanks to Ipsy) and I immediately put the perfume and lotion in my luggage for vacation so I don’t forget it. I’m not down for glitter most of the time but this shimmer is subtle.

As you can see, I also have 3 eyeliners hanging out with that 3-piece set. Mom initially wanted that Essence eyeliner I got a couple weeks ago but decided it was too dark. She wants to use a bright blue. I promised her I would find her one. While I was placing this order, Ulta’s gel eyeliners were on sale B2G1 free. Normally, these retail for $8.00 ($80.00/oz) each. I got 3 of them for $16. I picked up copper, olive oil, and starry night.

Since I am short for time before vacation, I am combining the rest of my normal haul posts, Unboxed and Swatch Me, in this post. It is just as well since this is a tiny one. 😀

18297124_10101021208503339_929743376_oHow stinking adorable is the tiny perfume bottle?! Ugh I’m in love. ❤

18338778_10101021208468409_1550308917_oThese eyeliners are great little pencils. They are soft since they are gel instead of hard wax so that makes sharpening a delicate process. But the pigmentation is fantastic, they don’t smell, and once the color is put down and given a few seconds to set, they don’t move. Literally. It took makeup remover, hot water, and a lot of scrubbing to get the swatches off my hand. Ouch.

18361971_10101021208448449_143604289_o As you can see from these swatches, the color is just superb. I am so excited to try them out on my eyes. I’ve already put the copper and olive oil in my makeup case for vacation. I’m going to give Mom a chance with the blue one since she really wants a bright blue eyeliner. And I’m going to secretly hope she doesn’t like it so I can keep it too. lol Otherwise, this will have to be reordered for myself! (Truthfully, it might actually be to dark for what she wants regardless of my secret ambition. 😉 )

That’s it folks. I wonder if they have makeup in the Bahamas that you can’t find in the States?

❤ Dee


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