Solo Traveler #86: Ulta Dual-Ended Pencils

Ulta has really stepped up their game. I have received their dual-ended pencil eyeliner and pencil lip liner 4 times in their free sets. My previous experience with these pencils was that they were overly waxy causing a lot of skipping, the eyeliner wouldn’t smudge once on the eyelid, and both types took incredible effort to get it to lay down regardless. When I got the new Spring 2017 set from Ulta I was prepared to throw out the dual-ended pencil eyeliner in mink and blackout and the dual-ended pencil lip liner in rose and flesh like the other 3 times.

17797980_10100987550115019_1396037805_oAnd then I tried them because I always do and I was… surprised! Ulta has fixed these pencils. Hallelujah! I scored the eyeliner at a 22 and the lip liner at a 21 this time. Before, I couldn’t even bring myself to rate them.

These are highly pigmented pencils. They don’t smell. They don’t skip. They don’t take tons of effort to make work (in fact, they take very little effort). The eye liner pencils smudge like they should. They both last all day. They sharpen fine without repeated breaks (looking at you NYX matte suede lip liner).

I am very happy with these pencils. Unfortunately, they don’t sell them in their retail line so the only way to get your hands on these pencils is through their sets. I hope Ulta keeps it up with improving their products. Their eyeshadow primer should be next on their improvement list. That would make me very happy!

❤ Dee


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