Solo Traveler #85: Julep Eyeshadow Sticks and Mascara

I only made 1 purchase during Ulta’s Spring 2017 21 Days of Beauty Event. It was a haul but my target was the Mario Badescu skin care products. I could not pass up 40% off an eyeshadow that I have never tried and would never pay $18.00 ($450.00/oz) for as individual shadows. I got 3 of these sticks for $10.00 each. I picked up the shades gunmetal, evergreen, and olive.

17820697_10100987550414419_1229891486_oI am constantly on the hunt for a good green eyeshadow. Everyone has the neon, emerald, and forest green shades. I want a good army green shade that is more earthy than those colors. Sadly, the olive I grabbed from this set is just merely more yellow. However, I do like the shades I purchased. Julep has 15 other shades on Ulta’s website and I can’t say I hate any of them, rare for me.

These are sticks of soft, creamy eyeshadow that are supposed to dry and set into a powder after some amount of time. They each contain a blender in the bottom of the stick. Julep claims the trick to using the blender is to run a bunch of the cream onto the back of your hand and then run the blender through it to “load it up” with color. Julep says these are buildable and blendable.

Sadly, that has not been my experience with these eyeshadows.

Without eyeshadow primer that has been set with powder, if you have oily eyelids, you can just skip these. It takes quite a while for the cream to set to a powder finish and you’ll crease within a few minutes. Continuing to add color to the places where the shadow moved away from only makes the creasing more noticeable.

With eyeshadow primer and powder, these still tend to move around a bit before they finally settle into place. Once the cream is dry, I was able to touch up a few bare spots without noticeable issues.

What I absolutely cannot make work is the building part or the blending part. When I try to apply two different shades, the 2nd shade erases the 1st shade. When I try to use the blender, the blender erases the shade no matter how much product I “load” onto the blender. And brushes are pointless as they just sweep the color away.

Also, if you want to wear eyeliner with these eyeshadows, you’ll have to use liquid. And if you’re using a felt tip pen eyeliner, you’ll need to use a very light hand. Heavy handed use of a pen eyeliner or any kind of pencil eyeliner just wipes the eyeshadow right off the eyelid.

These issues are not deal breakers for me as I prefer using eyeshadow primer and powder if I’m wearing eyeshadow and I am okay with sharp lined monochromatic eye looks. The eyeliner bit does irritate me quite a lot though. I don’t always want to use liquid eyeliner so that sucks.

I like the concept of these eyeshadow sticks but they need some work in the formula area. I will not be repurchasing more.

With my purchase of $30 worth of Julep products, I was sent a deluxe sample of Julep’s Length Matters mascara. This is in the shade Jet Black. It retails full size for $20.00 ($57.14/oz). I scored this mascara at a solid 22.

17761472_10100987550479289_1807770050_oInitially, I did not think I would like this mascara. All due to the wand. It has short spikey hard plastic bristles that I hate. So far though, I have yet to stab myself in the eye with the wand. Maybe I’m getting better at application and it has nothing to do with the wand. Eh…

The best part about this mascara is that it doesn’t smell. I love it when I find mascaras that don’t reek like paint thinner or flowers. My allergies love those mascaras too.

What I also found was that this mascara kind of does it all like Urban Decay’s Perversion, my #1 favorite mascara. It thickens, darkens, lengthens, and separates my eyelashes. Lashes Matter does a really good job on my lower lash line, probably owing to the wand (yes, I’m admitting there is a benefit to that horrible spoolie design).

I like this mascara a lot. My problem is that I already found a cheap dupe to Perversion with Essence’s Get Big Lashes Triple Black Mascara that I can get for $3.99 ($9.98/oz). I’m seriously debating on if I will repurchase Perversion when it runs out or if I will stick with Triple Black. Lashes Matter is the same price as Perversion with a slightly higher price per ounce ($55 vs $57). I don’t know… I’m going to have to think on this one more.

❤ Dee


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