Solo Traveler #84: Wet N Wild Felt Tip Eyeliner

Today is just a single review, wrapping up my late March Wet N Wild haul.


I picked up the ProLine Felt Tip Eyeliner for $3.99 ($199.50/oz). It was yet another attempt to find a dupe to Too Faced’s Sketch Marker. This is in the shade black and it scored 20.

So, as far as this being similar enough to the Sketch Marker to call it a dupe, eh… maybe?

It applies easily, the color is rich, and wears all day. They have that in common. However, they are some fairly staggering details.

In Wet N Wild’s favor, this pen eyeliner is shorter than any other pen eyeliner I’ve tried. For me, this is awesome. I have to hold my stupid mirror an inch from my face in order to see anything so a short pen is definitely helpful.

However, in Too Faced’s favor, while the Sketch Marker is $20 compared to WNW’s $3.99, they give a ton more product with the Sketch Marker. Their price per ounce is only $44.44 as they provide .45 ounces of product compared to WNW’s .02 ounces of product. Huge difference.

Ultimately, the dollars and cents only make a difference when compared over time. If I have to buy 10 of the WNW eyeliners compared to 1 of Too Faced’s eyeliners, my tradeoff is that I am getting fresh product more often. When a pen eyeliner starts to dry up, things can go bad real quick. This Wet N Wild pen eyeliner is definitely on my repurchase list (dependent upon learning how soon it dries out of course). I wish they had more than 2 shades!

❤ Dee


2 thoughts on “Solo Traveler #84: Wet N Wild Felt Tip Eyeliner

  1. I need to try that. Stila Stay All day is my absolute favorite but I refuse to pay $22 for an eyeliner! I like the e.l.f liquid eyeliners. have you tried them? They come on black, brown, green, and purple for sure because I have those shades. In fact I am wearing the purple today and used the green yesterday. They last all day for me.

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