Gym Day 3

I promise I won’t keep a running count of gym days. This is a beauty blog, after all. I just figured I’d post during my free week trial and talk about how I’m feeling about this place.

I really didn’t want to go to the gym when I got off work today. Mom and I didn’t go yesterday. We planned on mowing the yard instead as it takes about 3 hours to get it finished and rain was forecasted for this morning (which happened). However, I ended up getting drafted at work to take our employee visiting from India to dinner last night so Mom got stuck doing the yard herself. Thankfully, our neighbor showed up and decided to mow for her. I spent 4.5 hours at dinner and walking around the mall (please shoot me o_0). My shoes were not made for walking so my feet have been killing me all day long.

When I got home, Mom was dressed and ready to go to the gym though. So off we went. I cannot explain just how nice it is to have a gym buddy. If you aren’t feeling it but you know someone else is counting on you, that is motivation to go. Even if you go by yourself, if you aren’t feeling it, you’re more likely to wimp-out/cheat and not do much. That was how it was for me when I had my gym membership a few years ago. It was just me so I’d plan to go for an hour and I’d head out after 20 minutes if I went at all. I’m definitely liking this going with Mom.

Today, I worked my dang butt off!


I started on a stationary bike (the tall one this time instead of the short one… I’ll figure the names of these things out eventually). EDIT: This was the “upright bike” vs. the “recumbent bike” I used the other day. lol I did 5 miles in 30 minutes at 9.5-10.5mph. I was stoked… my knee, not so much. lol

I tried 4 new machines again. My goal is to try all of the weight machines on the left side of the gym through my trial and I’m on track to do so on Saturday. There are 3 more weight machines to try out on that side. There are 2 other machines that don’t have weights… one is a reverse sit up looking thing that I don’t think I’ll ever manage. The other side of the gym is machines with the big round weights that you have to take off and put on and a huge rack of free weights. I’ll get to those eventually, maybe. Right now I’m focusing on machines with diagrams that show me how to use them. lol

Today, I did:

  • 3 sets of 10 on the Row machine at 50 pounds with 10 resistance
  • 3 sets of 10 on the Overhead Press machine at 30 pounds with 0 resistance
  • 3 sets of 10 on the Pulldown machine at 30 pounds with 10 resistance
  • 3 sets of 10 on the Chest Press machine at 0 pounds with 5 resistance

For my cool down, I did the elliptical for 10 minutes with 10 resistance, managing to hit .42 miles.

I’m happy with today’s workout despite not being able to do any weight beyond the machine itself on that last machine. I could move 30 pounds but I knew I wouldn’t be able to control it. I will get stronger eventually.

We are going back on Saturday (no staff hours on Fridays so we can’t get in with our free pass – I will be push mowing the back yard instead since the neighbor didn’t get to it) and then we need to make some decisions. I’m not happy about 1 of the 4 treadmills being broken all this week and 2 of the other treadmills constantly showing errors. But other than the treadmills, everything else seems to be in good working order. I never did check out a group fitness class but Mom really doesn’t feel comfortable with the idea so we’ve been leaving before the classes start. And I heard a rumor from an ex-employee that the owners have been trying to sell the gym for years and are still actively trying to sell it. That worries me a lot.

If I can do a month-to-month membership without a year long contract, I think we are going to sign up. Mom is so gung-ho right now that she thinks we could do 5 days a week. I’m trying to make realistic goals without dampening her enthusiasm. I think a commitment to 3 days a week is good and any extra days that we go each week are bonuses. I definitely need to learn about strength training so that I can help Mom. She seems pretty happy to do the treadmill for 30 minutes and the leg press machine for 10 sets of 25 reps or something crazy. I keep trying to tell her that she needs to mix it up, not to get into a constant routine like that, and that if she is able to do 25 reps right now, she needs to increase the weight and decrease the reps until she builds back up to it. She doesn’t quite understand that. But she is going to be super pissed if, a year from now, she hasn’t lost any weight but has pumpkin-sized thighs. lol

Do you have any recommendation for a beginner’s primer to gym workouts? A book or a website that talks about training plans and explains muscle groups and how to work them properly would be ideal.


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