Solo Traveler #82: Wet N Wild Mascaras

I made a Wet N Wild haul back at the end of March that ended up being free for me and I am all about free makeup for me! 😃

We are running short on days before I leave for vacation so I’ll be combining reviews for a few products to make sure I get my current stock reviewed before I leave.

Today, I am reviewing two mascaras I got from Wet N Wild. I love mascara. ❤

The first mascara to review is the Turn Up Volume Full Blast Mascara. This is in the shade very black. It retails for $4.99 ($18.48/oz). This mascara scored a 17.

17692942_10100981583861439_85291903_oI had high hopes for this mascara when I bought it. Then it arrived and I was immediately weirded out. This is the first mascara I’ve ever purchased where the wand isn’t already inside the tube. It came with some cap on the top and the wand was in the package beside it, clean as a whistle. I like the wand a lot. Good bristles, none of the short plastic pokey crap. Nice tapered point. Okay, I can make this work. It smells a little. Hmmm… okay so it doesn’t smell so much that it bothers my eyes. Cool.

Then I wore it for a day. 2 hours after I had it on, I had racoon eyes. Not a happy camper. I fought the good fight the rest of the day and reevaluated. I had wore it on a light makeup day. No foundation, powder, eyeshadow primer, or eyeshadow. It could have just been a high oil day.

I tried it again the next day with a full face. It was only marginally better. By lunch time, I continued the racoon eye fight and I was pissed. Mostly because I naively thought foundation and powder would fix the problem so I didn’t bring anything with me. Every time I wiped off the mascara under my eyes, it took more and more of my concealer/powder. I looked like one of those people that spend too much time in a tanning bed with the tiny goggles by the end of the day.

Definitely not on my repurchase list. I am keeping it out of the box of shame for now, but only until I can try it on an actual high heat day to see if it is sweat that is causing it or genuine oily skin. We shall see.

Up next is the Wet N Wild Color Icon Colored Mascara. This product retails for $2.99 ($11.07/oz) and comes in 4 shades. I have the shade Green As A Thistle. It scored a 17 as well.

17668585_10100981583881399_412977097_oDespite the same score as the Turn Up Volume mascara, I like this mascara a lot better than the other one. Mostly because I don’t look like a dang raccoon within hours of application.


  • The product is pigmented. It can be seen very clearly in certain lights. I imagine it shows up really well on someone with light eyelashes. On me, it doesn’t do a ton of darkening my eyelashes, my normal want.
  • With layers, this thickens lashes well.
  • When applied to the tips of the lashes, the green can be seen well in most lights.


  • This mascara straight up smells like paint thinner. If I wear too many coats, it makes my eyes water.
  • With too many layers, this mascara makes my eyelashes droop and clump.

I am conflicted with this product. On one hand, it is different and that was the point. It is also cheap but made by a brand that I think of when someone talks about quality makeup. On the other hand, it smells awful and there is a fine line between enough layers to make the color show and too many layers that cause issues. I’m not really into the other colors Wet N Wild has right but they don’t have a burgundy that I heard in late-2016 would be all the rage in 2017. So if they add a burgundy, I might be inclined to try it out.

❤ Dee


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