Unboxed #18

My latest Ulta haul arrived Thursday I am a tad bit irritated about it. We’ll get back to that in a moment. Let’s unbox this stuff!

First up, 3 items from NYX Cosmetics. NYX was running a buy 2 get 1 free sale.

I picked up the Felt Tip Eyeliner in extreme black for $9.99 ($499.50/oz). This is another attempt at finding a dupe of the Too Faced Sketch Marker. I’m quite happy with the felt tip eyeliner I got from Wet N Wild last month but I couldn’t pass up trying another one. I probably should have looked at that price per ounce first though. Wow. It smells very faintly like chemicals. I decided to try out a new eyeshadow primer. I haven’t tried NYX’s yet so I picked up the Proof It Eyeshadow Primer in transparent for $6.99 ($30.39/oz). This primer is a little different than the ones I’ve been using lately (Urban Decay Primer Potion mostly) in that it has an applicator. It is a little doe foot applicator. I don’t know how well that is going to work out. It comes out slightly pink. It has no smell so that is awesome. Then I got a Hot Singles Eyeshadow in zen. These normally retail for $4.49 ($74.83/oz) but I got mine for free with the B2G1free sale. Per usual, I’m on the hunt for a green eyeshadow that is a mix between olive and army green. I will find it eventually. Unfortunately, this is not it. This is a shimmery forest green. I’m being too picky, I know. This has an almost musty/dusty smell. That doesn’t bode well for fall out.

Next up, 3 items from Ulta. Ulta was also running a brand buy 2 get 1 free sale.

I keep saying I’m over the highlighter trend but I couldn’t resist the Rainbow Highlighter for $10.00 ($38.46/oz). It is just so flipping pretty. The pigmentation with a finger swatch is awesome. However, this highlighter has massive fall out and it smells like chemicals. Sad panda. I have had good results with the crease brush I got in the Ulta eyeshadow palette I got many months ago so I decided to get a new crease brush for $10.00. You can never have too many eyeshadow brushes, right? I took a close up of the bristles. They look perfect (and are no where close to the brush in the picture above). Finally, I picked up a 2-pack of Cleansing Brush Replacement Heads to go with my Cleansing Brush I got a couple months ago. These are normally $8.00 ($4.00 per head) but I got mine for free with the B2G1free sale. I am keeping these sealed in the box until I need to replace my current brush head.

18053110_10101006298552999_912668948_oI wanted to try some new (to me) brands so I got a mascara from 2B Colours, a brand I have never heard of. I kept seeing that burgundy mascaras were going to be all the rage in 2017 but I’ve yet to see many of them on the market. I like the green mascara I got from Wet N Wild last month so I decided to try a red one this month. I got the Mascara Colours Make A Difference in fuschia for $7.99 ($31.96/oz). This will be interesting as it is a lot more pink than I expected. And man does it smell! Gah.

I also decided to finally try a few products from BH Cosmetics. I love their eyeshadow palettes but I haven’t gotten any yet. And this haul was no different… still no BH palettes.

I did get yet another felt tip liner though. I got their Liquid Eyeliner for $4.00 ($100.00/oz). This one has twice the product of the NYX felt tip liner and is less than 50% of the cost. Guess which one I’m hoping works better? 😃 This smells just faintly of chemicals, similar to the NYX felt tip liner. I also got the Color Lock Long Lasting Matte Lipstick in dark rose for $5.50 ($50.00/oz). This looks beautiful. It doesn’t smell bad at all. I can’t wait to try it out.

While I have already tried a couple mascaras from Essence, I want to try more of their products. 18052348_10101006298592919_726710209_oI needed $2 more in my order to get free shipping so I grabbed a Gel Eye Pencil in blue lagoon for $2.99 ($149.50/oz). I am starting to warm up to different colors of eyeliner thanks to J.Cat Beauty and I feel like color eyeliners on the lower lash line is a great way to get a small pop of color on my face even if I’m doing neutral shades on my eyes and lips. This is a pretty blue shade that should have some shimmer. We shall see. It doesn’t have a smell and it is a roll up liner. I totally thought this had to be sharpened. Yay! Mom has already asked me to get her one of these when I make an Ulta order in May. Something else to add to my growing May list. lol

Now, why am I miffed with this order? Well, Ulta was running a random brand 5 for $10 sale when I made my purchase. Most of the items were marked at $2.99 or higher. Of the 5 items I bought, 4 were marked at $4.99 and one was $2.50 at the time. I placed my order, reasonably happy with the 5 items I picked out. Then, yesterday during a work break, I decided to look those items up to start putting together my price list for this post and found that the 5 for $10 sale is gone and most of those items have been marked down drastically. I paid $10 for the following 5 items on the 16th (which should have been $22.46 at retail price) and now on the 22nd, I can get the same 5 items for $6.46. 😡 Grrr!

During the 5 for $10, I picked out:

  1. Jasmine La Belle Spring Fling Duo Compact Mirror Was $4.99, now $.99
  2. Upper Canada Spring Fling Lollipop Hair Elastics Was $4.99, now $.99
  3. Capelli New York Wide Solid White 5.5” Jersey Head Wrap Was $4.99, now $.99
  4. Ulta Sweet Grapefruit Bath Fizz $2.50
  5. Spring Fling Moisturizing Lip Balm with Argan Oil Was $4.99, now $.99

Lame. I still got these items for a good price.

18015617_10101006298283539_2119784102_oI will put the mirror in my work hygiene kit. I always end up having to use my phone as a mirror and that doesn’t work well. I gave the hair ties to Kid 2 as they have metal and that rips my hair out. 18042729_10101006298168769_1423724721_oThe head wrap, along with the 30 or so others that I own, will be used eventually. Most of the time I use them to get my hair out of my way while I put my makeup on in the mornings. Sometimes I wear them to work if I am having a bad hair day though. I didn’t have any expectations in using that bath fizz. Kid 1 wasn’t home when I opened my package so I gave the fizz to Kid 2 as well. I will keep the lip balm. Lip balm is almost always a win for me. Lol It smells slightly like sweettarts. 😀

I have a few items to swatch this time around. That is coming soon!

❤ Dee



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