Solo Traveler #81: So Susan Blush & Glow

I got a full size So Susan Blush & Glow in my Ipsy bag back in March. This product retails for $22.95 ($208.64/oz). This is in the shade rose rust.


This is an interesting blush to say the least. The product description reads:

A long-wearing, fall-out free blush for a flawless, healthy finish that lasts up to 8 hours. Formulated with multi-chromatic pigments that adjust from soft suede to a natural rose to suit a wide variety of skin tones.

Well, honestly, the claim is true. This blush has zero fall out. It also definitely lasts all day long. I can see it on my wipe when I take my makeup off at night. It is a subtle color so I don’t know if it is really adjusting to suit my skin tone or if I’m lucky enough to have a similar skin tone to the product, but it looks nice on. I don’t have to worry about using too much and ending up looking goofy.

Other good things to say: This blush does not smell. The compact is flat so I can stack it easily unlike some of my round-top compacts. The compact includes a small mirror in the lid which is nice.

My only bad thing to say about this blush is that I don’t like the price. I know there are a ton of blushes out there that cost more than this blush. And I don’t own them either. I’m just not into 1 trick pony products that cost that much. :/ I can live with eyeshadow palettes that cost that much or more because they are typically versatile. And I guess I can live with foundations that cost that much or more because they deal with a specific issue I struggle with daily: redness. Bonus points for a foundation that also has SPF. But I just can’t do $23 for a blush.

This product scored very well at a 20. If they run good sales, I might check out more of their products. Their range isn’t huge yet but they seem to be growing in popularity. Maybe because of Ipsy? If you are into makeup bags and products, So Susan has a “lip love bag” each month for $45 that includes interesting makeup bags and 4 products per bag. A bit more expensive than Ipsy… 😀

❤ Dee

PS: If you want in on Ipsy, you can get a makeup bag and 5 makeup products (mostly sample size but some full size like this blush) each month for $10. You can use my subscriber link here or check Ipsy’s website if you aren’t into subscriber links. 😀


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