Unboxed #17

Hey hey, it is Unboxed Day! 😀

I’m pleased with all 5 products Ipsy sent me in April (and the bag is still growing on me). Let’s get to it!

First up, let’s look at this brush!

17916571_10100994990893639_276366766_o Ipsy sent the Luxie Dreamcatcher Precision Foundation 660 brush. This brush is super soft and I love the color. It isn’t quite as blue as the picture shows. I got a little edit happy and can’t find the original photo on my computer. It is much more like a gray-blue. Anyways, this brush is worth $23.00!

17902817_10100994990918589_1533606851_oI like lip balm a lot so I was happy to get a sample lip balm this month. Hey Honey Beseme Mucho Shea Butter & Propolis Lip Balm has come at a good time. Our weather is flip flopping constantly now (thanks Ohio) so my lips are just sucking up the moisture. Even heavy Vaseline at night isn’t keeping up. I guess this is the travel size version of the retail product since it is half the size. The full size retails at $14.00 ($28.00/oz) so that is a bit pricey for a lip balm. I hope it works out well. It smells good at least.

17887602_10100994990873679_740109794_oI got a face toner this month. I’m usually leery of getting skin care products and this toner is exactly why: it contains witch hazel. When I first got it, I got very excited because I’ve been working on my skin care routine a lot lately. Then I read the ingredients and the #2 is witch hazel. Damn. With rosacea, I’m not supposed to use witch hazel. I may use it on my nose only to see if that will help with blackheads. That would be nice. This toner doesn’t have a strong chemical or alcohol smell. It smells like a heavily watered down Skin So Soft actually. I can deal with that. The full size product retails for $27.00 ($4.03/oz) so it isn’t crazy expensive. But if it causes a rosacea flair, it will be a no go for me. We shall see.

17916462_10100994990843739_974529423_oI got a bronzer for the first time from Ipsy. This is a mini Bamboo Bronzer from Ciate London in the shade palm island. It is uh… small. I’m not incredibly sure how to get product on a powder brush with this thing. Now I understand why folks were complaining about the theBalm Cosmetics samples. Yikes. This retails full size for $28.00 ($80.00/oz) and comes in 2 shades. Palm island is the slightly darker of the two so I’m not sure how it will be for my fair skin tone. It doesn’t smell and the tiny compact this comes in is easy to open (I’m still pissy about that Manna Kadar blush Ipsy).

17916411_10100994990938549_1474291727_oThe last product I got was Elizabeth Mott’s Show Me Your Glow Shimmer Shadow and Highlighter. If I was feeling a bit shorted with the bronzer above, this shadow/highlighter takes the cake. This sample is not only small but the packaging is cheap too. It is a tiny plastic pod. I’ve literally thrown this away twice mistaking it for trash. The sample is smaller around than a nickle. Sheesh. Now, using this as a shimmer eyeshadow is no problem. My eyeshadow brushes are fine for this size. However, how on Earth am I supposed to get a highlighter brush in there?! I have a feeling I’ll be doing very targeted highlighting with this product. This retails full size (.35g vs .07g for this sample) for $28.00 ($71.43/oz) so this is on my yikes list. At that price, I hope this is amazing. I should note that I also got a bit edit happy with this photo and cannot find the original. This is actually a gold shade, not cream white like it looks in the photo. Oops.

Morphe sent me 3 brushes and they look good! Morphe sent their R8 (Pro Flat Contour Brush, $11.99), R10 (Deluxe Tapered Powder Brush, $14.99), and R40 (Deluxe Pointed Blender Brush, $5.99).

18012785_10101002598298339_1500526003_oR8 is a flat contour brush from their Pro line (maybe?). It is worth $11.99. This is a densely packed brush with short bristles. I can’t wait to try to blend out contour with it.

17950000_10101002598383169_1919634934_oR10 is a deluxe tapered powder brush. It is worth $14.99. I can’t get over how thickly packed in the bristles are in this brush but it remains so soft. I think this will work really well for setting powder.

17968143_10101002598328279_149732618_oR40 is a deluxe pointed blender brush. It is $5.99. This brush has a lot of soft bristles and that makes me happy.

I am holding off judgement on brushes until after I wash them from now on. I was very excited about the brushes from March and then my M521 ended up fraying after I washed it. I used warm water, not hot, and I was very gentle with it as I am with all of my brushes. As soon as I got it wet, it looked like those bristles were shrinking up. I tried my best to reshape the brush after washing it to no avail. It looks like a 6-month-old well used brush now (minus stains) instead of a brand new never used brush.

❤ Dee


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