Solo Traveler #79: Luna by Luna Cosmetics Highlighter

16775962_10100944749667459_585483120_oI got Luna by Luna Cosmetics Highlighter from Ipsy in February. It retails for $23.00 ($216.98/oz) This is in the shade Calypso. It scored a 15.

This is a very nice high-end highlighter and I love that I got a full size of it. However, this lavender shade that claims “one shade fits all” is a liar. I seem to be finding a fair amount of products that lie. :/

When I first got it, I was like “Uh… this is not lavender!” It looked more like a champagne shade than lavender to me. Even when I swatched it, I only got the barest hint of lavender. Then I wore it outside and remembered that the lighting in my room was awful and it really is a lavender-brown shade. The lighting in my room is fixed now, of course, but at the time, I was not amused by the difference.

If I wear this over top of foundation that has evened out my red splotchy skin, it looks great. If I try to wear it on a bare face, it emphasizes all the redness. Ugh. Since I don’t do a full face very often, this highlighter is collecting dust.

As a baked product, I have to say this is kind of great. It doesn’t take a lot of work to get product on a brush. I didn’t have to struggle through the top layer to get to buttery product like many baked products. So that definitely made me a bit forgiving about the purple shade.

I am definitely not a part of that one shade fits all school of thought. Luna Cosmetics is a new brand that needs to work on expanding their range and better (more truthful) product descriptions before I will be checking them out again. Erm… people are probably going to hate me for saying this but I’m starting to be over highlighter. And this highlighter is part of the reason for that.

 ❤ Dee


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