Ulta Order On The Way!

Happy Easter to those of you that celebrate. To everyone else, Happy Sunday!

I realized a few days ago when I was writing an update post that once my blog goes dark while on vacation, I will also be light on makeup reviews for weeks following my return. I will only have my May Ipsy to review and that will be weeks after I get back since I like to try products before I review them. This has been bothering me. The whole point of this blog is to review makeup. Rut roh.

I got some Easter gifts this morning complements of Mom and the girls and Dad and Step-Mom. Everyone got me Ulta gift cards. They know me well. 😀 I’m pretty sure Mom might have said something to Dad about getting me an Ulta gift card. I appreciated the Starbucks and WalMart gift cards in March but I definitely get more bang for my buck when it comes to Ulta.

Combined with my current points and the Platinum Perks 20% off coupon, I got another mostly “free for me” order on the way. I love it when I get free stuff. Guh.

I tried to pick out some things that I haven’t tried before. I scoped out the sales and took advantage of NYX’s buy 2 get 1 free sale, Ulta Beauty’s buy 2 get 1 free sale, and Ulta’s random brand buy 5 for $10 sale. I also picked up some products from brands I’ve never tried: 2B Colors and BH Cosmetics. I needed $2 more to get free shipping since my 20% off coupon dropped me a bit too low so I picked up a $3 product from Essence. 15 items for $50.38 after the 20% discount. 😀 I used both of my $20 gift cards, my $9 in Rewards, and paid $1 and change. hehe

8 of the coming items are makeup that I will gladly use and review. So now I have a few things lined up in the weeks after I return from vacation. Yay! Shipping says it should be here by the 21st. If Ulta is still on their game after the 21 Days of Beauty event, I may have it sooner. Just enough time to really try all of these out and resume makeup reviews on May 15th!

❤ Dee


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