Maybe I’m Not Ready to Be A Professional Vacationer

IMG_4985Yeah, as the title says, I think saying I could hold down the title of “Professional Vacationer” is in limbo. I am 20 days away from vacation and I am still not ready to go. I’ve finished a few issues but still have more to go.

  • I still can’t decide what makeup to pack. Ahhhhh!
  • I don’t have black dress pants. I have black pants now. Good to go.
  • My capri pants are too freaking long and I can’t find a seamstress to alter them because they are all swamped with prom and wedding alterations. I found someone to alter them but they have still not come back from alterations. Getting worried as it has been 2 weeks now.
  • My travel situation isn’t resolved yet. I finally have it all fixed up. I can use Uber for all of my trips except for when I leave the airport to go to my first hotel. But the best taxi/shuttle quote I could find was $128 for a 20 minute trip. What?! So I’m going to take a taxi to the closest restaurant (Denny’s or IHOP), pay about $11-15, then Uber to my hotel from there for $35-40. Problem solved.
  • Get to the doctor. Called them and they were booked up for regular checkups until a day before my vacation. Not enough time to get the sea-sickness prescription filled. Crap.

I have a bunch of stuff to do still. I keep calling the alterations place and they keep putting me off. I waited too long to call the doctor’s office. *sigh* At least I have my black dress pants and travel solved. I’m hoping to get my capri pants back this week. I probably will still be trying to decide about makeup the night before I leave. I’m hopeless. lol

❤ Dee


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