It Appears to Be Working

I mentioned a few days ago that I have been working on my eating habits over the last month or so, specifically

  1. I am drinking a protein drink in the mornings since I can’t manage eating food after I wake up,
  2. I am controlling portion sizes, and
  3. I am trying to avoid most unhealthy dinners (friend foods, all carb dinners, hamburger helper, etc) by drinking a protein drink instead if that is my only options for the night.

This is in addition to increasing water intake, decreasing coffee (more importantly the sugar and creamer in the coffee), and cutting most soda from my routine over the last 6-8 months.

Well it seems to be working!


The first picture is from March 11th when I got my vacation clothes. The 2nd picture is from April 13th, a bit over a month later, in the same shirt. I didn’t weigh myself the day I first tried this shirt on so I can’t compare that to how much the scale read this morning. However, I can see the difference! Wooo!

I’m very happy with my progress and have no issue with keeping it up. The next step is adding exercise to the mix. I’m trying to convince Mom to join Planet Fitness with me after I get back from vacation. If I can’t convince her, I’m going to join it on my own.

So far so good. 🙂

❤ Dee


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