Professional Vacationer

Is that a job? It should be a job and I should total have that job. At least part time. Ya know, since I really like my current job and all. 😀

My 2017 vacation to Florida/Harry Potter World/Cruise/Bahamas/Disney World is now just 24 days away and guess what arrived today?!


Yup, I have travel books for destinations in Europe. 😀 I am tentatively looking at a possible vacation to Ireland/London/Paris for Fall of 2018. This could get seriously epic provided I budget well, get some good bargains, and do my research.

If I go, I want to go to Dublin first and take a couple day tours to see the Cliffs of Moher and a few castles. That has been a bucket list item since forever. Uh… the Cliffs of Moher were featured in one of the Harry Potter movies. Just saying…

My boss suggested I take a short (and cheap!) flight from Dublin to London during this trip. If I do that, I want to see a few palaces, the British Royal Guard, Big Ben… normal London-y things. I would also love to see St. Paul’s Cathedral and take a double decker bus tour. I also want to do a Harry Potter-y thing and check out King’s Cross Station. Yes, I am a big enough HP nerd that I would go visit a train station on my vacation. Because why not?! 😀

That “quick trip to London” idea got me thinking about the many things in Paris I’ve always wanted to see. The Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, the Louvre, and the Catacombs are just a few places on my Paris bucket list. The boss suggested taking a 45 minute drive out of Paris to see Monet’s actual water lilies. Uh… that would be very cool. I took 2 years of French in high school. I could probably speak comfortably with a toddler with the vocabulary I retained. I picked up a French-English dictionary to start trying to brush up on more vocab. If this trip becomes a major possibility, I would definitely pick up a French-English phrase book too so I could at least assimilate a little bit. I haven’t figured out a HP reference yet.

This is all wishful thinking right now but… with guide books in hand, I can get a ton of cool ideas over the next few months.

❤ Dee


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