Solo Traveler #76: Sephora’s Gimme Some Nude Lip set

16651406_10100938530575569_2050443012_oIn January, I picked up the Sephora Favorites Gimme Some Nude Lip set. It contained 4 sample size products and 2 full size products for $28.00. While I’m not crazy about nude lip colors, I do love the lip shaped box this set came in and I have the bold lip set Sephora put out a few months earlier too.

I got a deluxe sample of Too Faced Melted Matte Liquified Matte Long Wear Lipstick. It retails at $21.00 ($52.50/oz). I got this in the shade Queen B. I scored it at a 23.

I have been looking at these matte lipsticks from Too Faced for a long time. I have been gun shy because of that price tag though. However, looking at the price per ounce, this is actually the most economical out of the set.

I have to say this lipstick is totally worth all the hype. It goes on buttery. It dries matte but doesn’t shrink up my lips. The color is pigmented and goes on without streaking or patchiness.

I am interested in more of these lipsticks. Lucky for me, a lovely friend bought me a full size of Lady Balls and I have wore it out! I’d love to find a berry shade too. Bend & Snap! looks like a good berry shade. I’m also looking at the other Melted lipsticks from Too Faced. The Melted Liquified line has Melted Velvet (bordeaux) and Melted Berry (berry red) that look interesting. I’m not sure about that applicator though. Chocolate Cherries from the Melted Chocolate line looks good. Same weird applicator as the previous one though. I like the doe foot wands. I’m not sure I can pull off a liquid lipstick with that lip gloss looking applicator. Maybe I’ll come up with a good excuse to start using all those lip brushes I’m hoarding (but not using). Hmm…

I got a full size Urban Decay Vice Lipstick. It retails at $17.00 ($154.55/oz). I got this in the shade 1998 comfort matte. I scored it at a 20.

Am I the only one on the planet that hasn’t really looked at the Urban Decay Vice lipstick line? I had no idea they had 101 shades of lipstick! Their entire lipstick library, regardless of the formula, is lumped into one line. They have 2 different formulas of matte lipsticks, plus glosses, satins, and shimmer lipsticks. It is a little overwhelming to look at that many choices.

The shade I got is a nice neutral shade. It doesn’t smell. It sticks around for a good amount of time. However, it transfers a lot and never dries matte. I would consider this comfort matte lipstick to be a long-wear cream lipstick, where long-wear is 3+ hours. Most cream lipsticks tend to last me an hour tops and this one does last around 3 hours despite the amount of transfer.

I might end up trying one of the other matte products from this line just to see if it is actually matte. The price isn’t horrible for a high-end lipstick (and it was the lowest retail value product in this set) so I could see that happening at some point. I just have to wade through the shade after shade to find something I’m interested in. Oy.

I got a deluxe sample of Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Lip Cream. It retails at $30.00 ($250.00/oz). I got this in the shade 246 Slow Burn. I scored it at a 20.

I love the flat shape of this bullet lipstick. The lipstick is round but the container is flattened on the sides. It looks very classy. The sample is tiny though so I constantly lose it in my purse when I wear it.

This shade is pretty close to the Urban Decay lipstick. It doesn’t smell. It applies smoothly and wears decently. However, it transfers like crazy and it has to be reapplied constantly.

For a $30.00 lipstick, I really expected this to be an incredible lipstick. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t worth $30. I was disappointed.

I got a deluxe sample of Bite Amuse Bouche Lipstick. It retails at $26.00 ($173.33/oz). I got this in the shade Honeycomb. I scored it at a 19.

Like the Marc Jacobs lipstick, I lose this lipstick constantly due to its size. But it is super cute packaging and I love the matte black bullet with the embossed Bite logo.

Beyond the packaging, this lipstick really didn’t wow me. The shade pretty much blends into my natural lip color. It feels smooth on my lips but not moisturizing like a lip balm. It functions like any other cream lipstick I’ve tried, honestly.

I got a full size Estee Edit The Barest Contour Lip Liner. It retails at $20.00 ($2,222.22/oz). I got this in the shade 05 The Buff. I scored it at a 19.

Holy crap do you see that price per ounce?! I have gotten used to lip liner and eyeliner price per ounce being on the high end. It has stopped shocking me when that number is in 3 digits. But 4 digits? What the heck?

The price per ounce aside, this is actually a very good lip liner. It doesn’t claim to be long-wear or matte, but it is. The color is fantastic. It actually works well with all 4 of the previous lipsticks.

I have a major complaint with this lip liner though. This is a roll up auto liner. So it rolls up and then it rolls down. Maybe the one I have is just broken but it does not roll down. It turns. It clicks. But the product does not move. I tried gently to push down on tip but stopped because I was afraid it would break the tip.

I cannot say I’ll drop $20 on another one of these, but this is a great lip liner.

I got a deluxe sample of Buxom Full-On Lip Cream. It retails at $20.00 ($142.86/oz). I got this in the shade White Russian. I scored it at a 18.

I didn’t know this was a lip gloss but I had my suspicion. It is a lip gloss. A sheer pastel pink lip gloss.

But it is not horrible. The color is so sheer that you don’t see the pastel pink. It isn’t sticky. It is smooth and soft. It isn’t moisturizing or anything. It has an odd minty smell and feels slightly tingly. It doesn’t claim any plumping properties but it feels like it might have that from the tingles.

I am pretty sure I’m not going to continue wearing this lip gloss but I will say it isn’t awful. And that is saying a lot since I hate lip gloss. lol

The 2 full size products are worth $37.00 by themselves. So this set is definitely worth the money.

❤ Dee


2 thoughts on “Solo Traveler #76: Sephora’s Gimme Some Nude Lip set

    • I know! I keep watching for a new mascara one similar to Lash Party. Might just be in stores if it exists though and I’ve been keeping myself out of the store. haha

      Edit: There is a JC Penny Exclusive set! Dangit! It is called Lash Out. lol I won’t be getting it though since I have 4 out of the 5 in the set. 😀

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