Gonna go to Jail

I swear, one of these days… I’m going to end up going to jail over the antics of these dang kids. We went to a surprise birthday party today for a cousin. I took Kid 1 and Kid 2 with me, plus a friend of Kid 1’s, to the party. 1/2 way through, the kids went outside to play on the church swing set. They were bored, we already ate, and the cousin had opened his presents. Sure, go play but stay out of the mud. A general assumption of mine is that 13 and 14 year olds can be unsupervised for short periods of time in safe places. Apparently, they cannot go unsupervised without doing stupid stuff. 😡

I had left the windows down to my car since it is nice today. I don’t have air conditioning in my poor car and I didn’t want the kids to suffocate for 20 minutes on the drive home before it finally cooled down. Windows down it is. Driving home, I realized at some point while they were outside unsupervised, Kid 1 thought it was a brilliant idea to carve her name into my steering wheel cover. A few questions come to mind:

  1. What the actual hell?
  2. Why are you inside my car without permission?
  3. Why are you in the driver’s seat, period?
  4. Why did you intentionally damage my personal property?
  5. Why is your first comment “You’re overreacting!” and not “I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t have done it!”

CaptureI’m ready to strangle her. She keeps saying (and yelling) that I’m overreacting, that its just scratches. That it was an accident. No, a single scratch is an accident that I wouldn’t care about. Carving your damn name is intentional you freaking jerk. She doesn’t understand the beating the interior of a car takes from sun damage. Now that the surface layer of that wheel cover has been breached, it is going to start falling apart. I have to go buy a new steering wheel cover if I don’t want to weld my hands to my steering wheel in the peak of Summer. Ugh.

Super unamused. 😡

❤ Dee



11 thoughts on “Gonna go to Jail

    • Oh she will pay for it. I complained to our step-mother and she said that it is things like this, not the action itself, but the refusal to take responsibility for what she’s done… it is very likely if that doesn’t improve in the next 10 months, my dear little sister will not be allowed to get her driver’s license.


      • Of course, she needs to understand that everything she does has consequences! She’s not a five year old with a marker lol Poor you had your property vandalized! I’m sorry about your cover

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        • Thank you. This is just one of many things she does that shows her lack of respect for other people’s property and continual failure to take responsibility for her actions. The “no driving” edict is a result of many of these issues. If she doesn’t shape up, she’s going to be sadly disappointed when the time comes to get her temps and she isn’t allowed.

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          • I have a younger sister, she was the most difficult teenager you can possibly imagine. When she turned about 19/20 she became extremely responsible. It was a huge turn for the best. I’m sure your sis is just a little immature and will learn with age and that type of punishment. Also, life will teach her a little too.

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            • I recognize that most of their issues are normal kid things that are mostly puberty induced and part of growing up. Mood swings, irrational behavior, dislike of being told what to do or following rules, etc. But that doesn’t excuse some of the big things we’ve been dealing with. Not all kids go through stealing, vandalism, sneaking out, and minor drug use as a part of growing up. I’m counting down the days that these kids grow out of these issues and just pray it doesn’t involve juvenile court before then. Sometimes, I’m not so sure my prayers are going to be answered. I will never lose hope for them though. They are both amazing kids and I love them, even when I want to strangle them. lol

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              • Just love them and pray for them. They will find their way. My sister would lie about EVERYTHING. We got to a point we would think she was home and find her out, with her friends, in dangerous places at 11 pm. AT 14!! My mother just went and slapped her some day, that’s how bad it was. Today she is an awesome, mature young woman.

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