Unboxed #16

I can’t even explain how long this post took to write up. When I do these haul posts, I dump everything out to take a group picture. Then I go write up the In the Bag post with that picture. After that, I go through each individual item to open it, take a picture, smell it, think about it, and swatch it. After that, I edit the pictures, write out the In The Box post, then finally the Swatch Me post. This mega haul from Ulta was interrupted so many times in my process. We had bad weather last night so we had hail for a while, high winds that kept cutting the internet out, power outages off and on, etc. I gave up about 1/2 way through and continued working on it after I got ready for work this morning. Sheesh. Now I’m on my lunch break at work trying to finish editing this Unboxed post and I realized my arm is covered in glitter. Just one arm. It is noticeable. haha

First up, skin care items!

17820097_10100987550648949_841570615_oDuring Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty event, Mario Badescu products were on sale for 25% off on April 1st only. If you got in early enough, you could get a free 3-piece sample set but I was not that lucky. I got some nice stuff at a discount though so I’m not complaining. I picked up my Aloe Vera Toner, normally $15, on sale for $11.25. I picked up 2 of them since this is a regular skin care item.

17522062_10100987550668909_603747233_oI also picked up a new product from MB, the Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber, and Green Tea. It retails for $7.00 and I got it for $5.25. It smells like soap. It looks like it is supposed to be used before moisturizer, as a setting spray, or as a makeup refreshing spray. I may keep this product at work to refresh my makeup on hot days.

17797495_10100987550579089_220874360_oThe last MB item I picked up was the Super Collagen Mask. This retails for $18.00 and I got it for $13.50. I’ve been looking at this mask for a while. I’ve only tried 2 different mask brands, ELF and Feeling Beautiful, so I was curious if a higher priced mask might be different. That will be interesting to find out. It smells too but I can’t really place the scent. It isn’t an awful smell so that is cool.

17820106_10100987550569109_1260100582_oSince I was already getting an order, I picked up a restock of cotton pads. I did not get the exfoliating ones this time. Those were too expensive for my tastes. These pads retail at $2.99.

17778632_10100987550349549_1645382164_oI’ve been watching the J.Cat Beauty products since I got the eye vault from Ulta a couple months ago. Specifically, I’ve been watching the eyeliners. For some reason, these eyeliners that normally retail at $2.99 were marked down to $2.24. It was only certain ones marked down though, not the whole line. In case these particular shades are being discontinued, I decided to get all of the ones that were marked down. I picked up the shades dark grey, seal brown, bistre, ash silver, dodger blue, and hunter green. This line has 12 shades and I now have 7 of them. Works for me!

17820697_10100987550414419_1229891486_oI picked up 3 Julep Eyeshadow 101 Creme to Powder Eyeshadow Sticks. These retail for $18 each and I got them for $10 each. They were included in the 21 Days of Beauty event long hot buys. I picked up the shades gunmetal, olive, and evergreen. Originally, I had wanted pearl rather than gunmetal but pearl was sold out when I placed my order. All 3 of these eyeshadow sticks smell like chemicals. But they also have a blender on the other end of the stick. Pros and cons, ya know?

17761472_10100987550479289_1807770050_oSince I spent $30 on Julep products, I was sent a deluxe sample of Julep’s Length Matters mascara. The full size retails for $20.00. I’m already not excited about this mascara. The spoolie is skinny and long and hard plastic with pointy things. And this thing smells really strong, a mix of chemicals and flowers. Call me skeptical. *shrug*

Now the crazy item that I purchased, completely unplanned, was the Ulta Be Beautiful Color Essentials collection.


Ulta’s sets never stick around for long it seems but this set is unique in a lot of ways so this might be a new permanent item in Ulta’s line. I can’t find anything about this being limited edition right now but I could have swore it said it was limited when I ordered it. This set retails for $24.00. It says it has a retail value of $120 though. This set includes:

  • 24-pan eyeshadow palette with a mix of 8 matte, 8 shimmer, and 8 metallic shades (shades listed in Swatch Me)
    • magnetic closure
    • the packing smells like chemicals, not the eyeshadows
  • 4-pan face palette with 1 bronzer (warm), 1 highlighter (radiant diamond), 1 blush (honey bunny), and 1 translucent powder
    • magnetic closure
    • the packaging smells like chemicals, not the powders
  • 2 travel size matte cream lipsticks (bombshell & tender)
    • strong chemical smell
  • 2 travel size lip glosses (serena & jackie)
    • strong chemical smell
  • 1 travel size Dewy Setting Spray
    • floral smell
  • 1 double-ended eyeliner pencil (blackout & mink)
    • no smell
  • 1 double-ended lip liner pencil (flesh & rose)
    • no smell
  • 1 blush brush
  • 2 eyeshadow brushes
  • 2 sponge eyeshadow applicators (which I promptly threw away)
  • hard plastic case

Now the reason I say this set is different is that these products have real names. The powder quad includes a blush I already own called honey bunny. All of the eyeshadows have names. The setting spray, lip glosses, and matte lip creams are already in their lines. Also, those double ended pencils have improved dramatically. I’ve gotten 4 of them in the past and I’ve always thrown them out because the pencils are so waxy that I couldn’t get any product to lay without skipping. Ulta has fixed those pencils and I am actually going to keep them this time! And the best part is the hard shell case. It is pretty, it zips securely, and I pretty much love everything about it. I am going to get some serious use out of that box. 😀

17522498_10100987550384479_357580069_oLast of all, I got the Ulta Brow Shaping Gel in clear for free with my purchase of the Be Beautiful set. I think this is a repackaging of the clear brow gel that Ulta put in their sets last year. If so, they have improved the spoolie a lot. It is a narrower spoolie so it should be even better. I really like the clear brow gel. I’m still using my stock as I often find myself with no time to fill in my eyebrows but I still want them to behave. 😀

In addition to getting these products at the prices listed above, I also got 20% off my entire order. It came off the end of the order, not the individual products. So even though the cotton pads and Ulta set were not really on sale, I still got them at a discounted price and that makes me very happy. Thanks to that 20% off coupon and half of this being skin care (so budgeted separately), I did not go over my April budget. Yay!

I will try to get the Swatch Me post up tonight after work. There are so many swatches this time!

❤ Dee


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