Solo Traveler #74: Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette

I got the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette from Ulta for $42.00 ($150.00/oz). This highly-coveted eyeshadow palette scored a 20.

This palette was stupidly difficult to get my hands on it. My Ulta was only getting 1 palette as restock at a time. I didn’t dare order it online and hope that it would arrive undamaged. They have upped their restock on this palette since then. My Ulta had a grand total of 3 in restock the last couple times. All of them were gone within a couple hours.

I thought this palette would score higher than it did. It’s downfall was the fall out. And that is about the worst thing I could say about the palette.

The pros:

  • The pigmentation is amazing. It barely takes a touch of product to get pay out.
  • The wear time is without competition. Even without eyeshadow primer, this product wears for hours. With eyeshadow primer, I’m confident it could last 18 hours or longer and retain pigmentation.
  • The versatility of this palette is amazing. There are matte, metallic, satin, and shimmer shades galore in this 14-pan palette. There are browns, creams, reds, and berries. The combination of shades in this palette can make so many different looks. It is really just incredible. While it is mostly warm tones here, there are a few cool tones to balance it out too.
  • The eyeshadows are butter smooth and blend like a dream.
  • The included double-sided brush is good quality, equal to the double-sided brushes from my Urban Decay palettes.

The cons:

  • The palette is covered in wonky mauve velvet that is impossible to keep clean.
  • It has a lot of fall out.
  • The mirror is only about ¾ of the size of the palette and it could certainly have been bigger had ABH used a hard shell palette instead of this mauve thing.

Overall, I think this palette is very well worth the money (if you are into these shades), the frustrating wait for access to the product, and the hours spent pouring over looks from the internet. Just don’t kid yourself about keeping it clean. It won’t happen.

Have you tried any other ABH eyeshadows? Are they similar in quality of these eyeshadows? I’m interested in trying more if so. I just wish the single eyeshadows had a better color range. Why is it so hard to find green eyeshadow that isn’t emerald?

❤ Dee


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