In The Bag #16: April Ulta Haul

Holy frijole, Ulta is on top of things right now. I made a purchase on Saturday, April 1st. My stuff arrived today, April 5th. I definitely didn’t expect to see these products arrive any earlier than April 10th! And despite my trepidation, everything arrived as ordered without issues. Good job Ulta!

Check it out:17820360_10100987550688869_1087296842_o

Top Row: Ulta’s Be Beautiful set with a ton of stuff inside

Middle Row: Ulta’s Cotton Pads, 80 count; 2 Mario Badescu Aloe Vera Toners; Mario Badescu Super Collagen Mask; Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber, and Green Tea

Bottom Rown: Julep Length Matters mascara; Julep Eyeshadow 101 sticks in olive, evergreen, and gunmetal; J.Cat Beauty Roll It Up Auto Eyeliners in seal brown, bistre, dark grey, ash silver, hunter green, and dodger blue; Ulta’s Brow Shaping Gel in clear

Normally, I list how much I paid for these items but everything was on huge sales thanks to the 21 Days of Beauty mega sale, unexpected mark downs, and a 20% off coupon I used at the end of my purchase. When I get to Unboxed, I will list out the regular retail prices and how much I ended up paying (without the 20% discount – it was applied at the end, not to each individual product). There is so much stuff here, I will not get to Unboxed and swatches until tomorrow. That picture doesn’t look like a lot but that box is full of stuff! It will take a couple hours to get through all of the stuff in that box and swatch it properly.

See ya tomorrow folks!

❤ Dee


2 thoughts on “In The Bag #16: April Ulta Haul

    • Seriously, there are a ton. I couldn’t finish all of Unboxed and Swatch Me last night. We lost power due to a storm for a while. But I just finished the pictures finally. So. Many. Swatches. 😀


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