Solo Traveler #73: Free Products from Ulta’s Spring 2017 Makeup Bag

I got a lot of free stuff from Ulta back in February. After spending $21.50 on an Ulta brand item, they sent their free 2017 12-piece makeup bag. Since I got them all at once, I decided to go back to combination reviews this time around. The following are the new items in the bag that I haven’t reviewed yet.

16804654_10100944749298199_473931542_oI got the Ulta Matte Lipstick. It retails for $8.50 ($70.83/oz). I got this in the shade Petal. I scored it at a 22.

This is a very nice lipstick. It stays in place for several hours. It doesn’t smell. The color is great. This particular shade is only available through the free spring 2017 makeup bag.

16990496_10100953744297149_135660043_oI got the Ulta Eyeshadow Palette. This is a generic no-name palette. Despite the generic feel of it, I scored it at a 21.

Okay so I have only great things to say about this little 6-pan eyeshadow palette. At first, I thought the eyeshadows must smell really bad. Then I realized it was the packaging, not the eyeshadows, that smells. These 6 pans are small but the product is solid. A tad bit powdery like most pressed eyeshadows but the pigment is strong and they last with a good eyeshadow primer. With 3 matte neutrals and 3 solid shimmers (including a fantastic teal shade), this little palette is quite versatile. It has a magnetic closure making this lil thing perfect to toss in a purse for long hour touchups. This palette is exclusive to the 2017 gift set.

I got the Ulta Amped Mascara. It retails for $10.50 ($47.30/oz). I got this in the shade jet black. I scored it at a 20.

16776200_10100944749183429_144090113_oThis is a decent mascara. It smells a bit but it goes away. It is nice and dark on the lashes. It doesn’t clump. It lengthens like a champ. However, it doesn’t thicken my lashes. Also, I hate the wand. Not only is it plastic, it is weak. Trying to put this back into the tube, it catches and bends almost every time. I feel like I’m going to snap the wand off. Eeeek!

16776319_10100944749258279_1536527596_oI got the Ulta Lip Gloss Stain. It retails for $9.00 ($36.00/oz). I got this in the shade Treason. I scored it at a 19.

I had my doubts about this product. I have only tried one other stain before and the results weren’t great. Add that this is supposed to be a gloss and I was pretty skeptical. However, I like this product. The color is rich, a nice bright true red. It goes on smooth with no patchiness or streaking. It isn’t sticky like a gloss. The color lasts for a couple hours at a time. After the bright color fades, it still has a slight red tint on the lips for about another hour. My one complaint is that this is thin so it bleeds on the lip line. A lot. You need a good lip primer and a lip liner to keep this product in place.

I got the Ulta Cheek Palette. This is a generic no-name palette. I scored it at a 18.

16804996_10100944749178439_1999326486_oI wish this generic cheek palette was as good as the eyeshadow palette. It is good, but not as good. Both products are very pigmented and last a good long time. However, they have a ton of fall out. It got everywhere on my desk. I can’t imagine dropping this in my purse because of the mess it would make. The packaging has a strong smell like the eyeshadow palette and a magnetic closure.

I am very happy with these products from Ulta. I love that they were free but I genuinely like all of these products (even the mascara with the delicate wand). I’ve used them frequently and those 2 palettes are on my short list for my vacation makeup bag.


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