Lazy Sunday & A New Laptop

I always look forward to the weekend. Sleeping in, staying in my pajamas all day, and marathoning blogs, YouTube, games, and Netflix. Sleeping in just doesn’t work out though. I was up at 7:45 am yesterday. I was up at 7:30 am this morning. 😀

I need to clean my room and do a load of laundry. Other than that, I’ve got all day to do whatever I feel like doing. I’m going to do some research on photography and how to get rid of these blasted shadows. I have good lighting now but the shadows are over the top.

I got a new laptop last week. I’ve been using a Toshiba laptop at home that I got in 2012. I named him Harvey. Harvey was a display model from the previous year. He is heavy and starting to get slow. I can’t use the battery for more than an hour. My work computer was an older model Lenovo Thinkpad, the T430. I named him Traveler. He is also a 2011/2012 baby. Traveler was my boss’s computer. When I was hired, he got a new one and passed his old laptop down to me. Traveler has traveled the world (hence the name) in his few years of life and the battery doesn’t last for more than 40 minutes. There are chunks taken out of the body where someone* has dropped him a few times. lol Traveler has started powering down randomly to do updates despite me telling him no and changing the update settings multiple times. It has become a huge problem.

Work bought me a new Lenovo Thinkpad T470 that came out in February. My boss said to start using it as my personal computer too. I haven’t figured out a name for him yet. Since I have my personal stuff** and my work stuff** together, I can work on blog stuff** much easier on breaks than before. 😀 I used to keep a note on my phone about blog ideas when I was at work and transfer them to my home PC later. Now I only need to do that when I’m away from the computer. Nifty!

I’ve moved all my personal files from Harvey to the new one. It took a couple days because I have around 70G of photos, home movies, drawings, etc. I also had to find all of my bookmarks and re-bookmark them and then set those bookmarks up to save my usernames again. The IT guy moved the files and bookmarks from Traveler over but I couldn’t ask him to move the stuff from Harvey. That is using a bit too much of work resources for personal needs.

My boss suggested I create a protected “password” document that lists the direct link to log in, my username, password, and the security answers for all my accounts. He has one for all of his personal accounts, those of his wife and teenager daughter, plus all the ones for work that he maintains (our computer logins, important web accounts that work pays for, etc.). He keeps the file password protected. His passwords are insane. I adopted his practice of long and complicated passwords last year when someone hacked my WalMart account to buy a $300 phone card. WalMart shut the transaction down as fraud so I wasn’t out any money but I was pissed. I immediately went through all of my accounts to change the passwords. As a double layer of security, I removed my saved credit card info. Stupid people. 😡

I am handing Harvey off to our IT guy. He is going to wipe the hard drive and reinstall Windows (once I figure out where my Windows disc went or make a new one) as a personal favor. Once I get him back, I am going to replace the ancient family computer with my old laptop. The ancient family pc (no name since he isn’t mine) is 100 times worse than my old laptop and a year newer. It is supposed to have sound through the on-board monitor speakers. Nope. I think it only has 100G of hard drive space. It doesn’t have Office. It takes about 15 minutes to start up and I’ve turned off every single non-necessary start up program I can. And the necessity of a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and the tower along with the huge AF modem/router our ISP made us take, there is no room to actually do anything on the desk. Moving over to Harvey will be incredibly helpful to Mom and the kids.

I have a few issues with the new laptop though.

  1. Firefox dropped support of Java, necessitating me to use Internet Explorer*** when I do admin tasks on our website that require Java. With the new computer, it is not playing nice with Java at all so I can’t use some of the admin features anymore. Latest versions of Java is installed, latest version of IE installed, Java is enabled in the browser, etc. The security popup will not come up though so it won’t run. It doesn’t prevent me from doing my job, it just makes it 10 times slower. Ugh.
  2. Netflix doesn’t want to run in Firefox. It works just fine in Chrome so it is nbd but it is strange.
  3. I absolutely hate that the function key is in the bottom left corner. Control should be there dammit.
  4. The on-board touch mouse is a huge annoyance, as is the on-board cursor (the red dot in the center of the keyboard). I haven’t disabled them yet but it is very likely. Freaking Thinkpad designs.

The IT guy gave up after 15 hours of trying to make Java play nice with my new computer. He decided it is an issue with Windows 10. But I reminded him that Java worked just fine on Traveler running Windows 10 once I downloaded IE. So he is stumped. I contacted our web host to see if they have any suggestions but so far I haven’t heard back from them. They are not good about technical support. If we weren’t totally dependent on the website to transfer files too large to email between our employees here in the US, and those in India, China, Taiwan, and Vietnam plus our customers in the US, Canada, and the UK, I’d ditch their service. I just have to hope the web host is going go to something different than Java. They probably wont and I’ve just lost the features that make my job quick. *sigh*

After my vacation, I’m going to order a new monitor and dock for home. I’m used to using 2 monitor screens (one of which is a 23″ monitor) at work that using my tiny laptop screen has become annoying. I think the new one is a 15″ monitor. Harvey was probably a 15.5″ or 16″ monitor. The monitor for the ancient family pc is maybe 18″. I’m going to buy a cheap $100 22″ or larger monitor the next time Newegg has a sale. Having a big monitor and a 2nd screen is so useful for manipulating spreadsheets. It is much easier on my eyes too. That dock is going to cost close to $180 but I absolutely love how I don’t have to have a spare power adapter and I don’t have to continually hook up cords. It will be worth it.

That’s about it for me. No (Bad) Makeup Advice today. I’ve run out of ideas on that. If you think of any, let me know. I’d be happy to post about it. 🙂

❤ Dee

*Not me. At least not yet.

**Stuff being a technical term here, not a proliferation my Sunday laziness.

*** Yuck.


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    • So far, I’ve managed to fix the issue with Netflix not working on Firefox. I can’t do anything about the physical design of the keyboard or Java though. lol It’s okay. 🙂

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