Solo Traveler #71: J.Cat Beauty Lipitude 24/7 Hydrating Lip Stain

16650587_10100938530835049_1356175451_oI got the J.Cat Beauty Lipitude 24/7 Hydrating Lip Stain as part of the brand’s lip vault. 8 items for $26.00! This product retails normally at $5.99 ($14.26/oz). I got the shade Peekaboob. I gave this a score of 17.

I have to say that this color is incredible. I was very put off by how bright red it was when I swatched it. But when on the lips, this color is just stunning. It is very much a statement color and I was pleased with how it looked. It goes on without streaks or runny product so long as you wipe a lot of the excess product off the wand before you start application.

I was also pleased with how it felt on my lips for the most part. This did not feel like a gloss in that it was not sticky at all. It also wasn’t creamy like a cream lipstick. It didn’t feel like it was moving around all day. But it wasn’t particularly drying either. Ultimately, it felt like I wasn’t wearing anything.

That ends the positives for this product.

It smells. It isn’t a horrible smell and it doesn’t affect the wear. But it definitely has a smell.

It never completely dries so it transfers everywhere. I had this stuff on my cup, my food, my cheek, my coat, and the light switch to my office.

For a lip-stain, I expected to have color most of the day. I was ready to accept sheer or faded color after the product had time to sit. Before I got to lunch, most of the color was gone. The only place any color was left was the slight chapped bit I had on the inner rim of my lips. Not cute.

I will probably use this product until it runs out because the color is stunning. However, I will not be repurchasing this. It simply does not live up to it’s description and that makes me sad.

❤ Dee


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