Unboxed #15

Hey everyone!

I love getting free makeup. This order was free for me and I am so excited to share it with you. Some background on how I got this for free…

I got a prepaid gift card for my birthday, I had a 10% off coupon for wetnwildbeauty.com, and I had some credits left over on the site that was never applied back to my bank. Ultimately, this order cost $39.89. After the 10% discount, it dropped down to $35.90. I had $15.92 in credit that I applied to the purchase, dropping it down to $19.98. And my gift card was a $20 card so now I have a gift card worth $0.02. 😀

Alright, on to the important part – the makeup! I tried to get a little fancier with the photography. Some of these turned out really cute.

17670735_10100981583826509_842938690_oI am in love with Wet N Wild’s Spring eyeshadows. I’m not crazy about the other stuff in their Spring set but the eyeshadows… ugh. I picked up all 3! Here we have Hieroglyphic Heart, Heart and Heavy, and Will You Marina Me. These are beautiful eyeshadow trios. I am especially crazy about Will You Marina Me. It makes me think of the beach and want my May vacation to get here even sooner! These trios are $2.99 each and limited edition. If you want them, get them before they are gone! They don’t smell, always nice. The “limited edition” sticker keeps these things closed well. Be careful cutting/pulling along the perforated line if you want to keep that sticker in place. You’ll rip it really easily. I should note that these trios are .12 ounces of product so that ends up running them about $25.00 per ounce, a bit higher than their 5 and 8 pan palettes.

17572084_10100981583926309_1888329877_oNext is the ProLine Felt Tip Eyeliner. I’m still hunting a dupe to Too Faced Sketch Marker so I hope this is the one. It is your typical felt tip eyeliner so the real test is going to be how it applies and how long it holds up. This retails for $3.99, making it $199.50/ounce. That is about on par for eyeliners of this type. I didn’t realize it would be such a short pen. That might actually be very beneficial for me since I have to hold my mirror so close to my face. It has the slightest of smells.

17668585_10100981583881399_412977097_oI got a little crazy and picked up a mascara that isn’t black or brown. This one is green. The Color Icon Colored Mascara comes in 4 different shade options and I chose Green As A Thistle. Supposedly, these are super pigmented and can be worn alone or over black mascara. We shall see how that actually works out. This retails for $2.99 ($11.07/oz). I don’t normally swatch mascaras but I had to see how this color worked out. It is definitely pigmented, at least on my skin. On a major bad note, this mascara reeks. Like, paint thinner on steroids. I’m super skeptical that this will work with my sensitive eyes. Mom is hoping it doesn’t work because she wants it. haha The spoolie on this mascara is perfect so I hope I can deal with the smell.

17692942_10100981583861439_85291903_oI’m not totally crazy so I picked up a regular black mascara. I’ve never actually tried a Wet N Wild mascara but I’ve heard great things. The Turn Up Volume Full Blast Mascara in very black retails for $4.99 ($18.48/oz). The reviews are great so keep your fingers crossed for me. This is the first mascara I’ve ever purchased where the wand wasn’t already inside the tube. That was strange. I guess the packaging would have been too tall otherwise? I like the spoolie a lot. This mascara smells like the Color Icon mascara, just not nearly as strong. The scent is there, but just barely. It should be okay.

17571688_10100981583961239_28293464_oAh the product of the moment, MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick! I can’t open a drug store makeup review lately without seeing this lipstick. People are going crazy for it. I picked this up in the shades Berry Recognize and Missy & Fierce. They are both very popular shades but even with 13 shade choices, I’ve pretty much seen someone gushing about every single one. These retail for $4.99 ($23.76/oz). These have no smell and swatch great, no streakiness or patchy color. And they don’t want to come off my arm now. These are shrink wrapped. Good luck opening your lippies. I’ve heard a few people struggled with theirs but mine were super easy to peel down the perforated lines.

17622316_10100981583986189_945361348_oI’ve been waffling back and forth about wanting to expand my range of lip liners lately. Some days I think I have plenty and others I’m bummed that I don’t have specific colors. I picked up a few of the Perfect Pout Gel Lip Liners. I’ve never tried a gel lip liner so this might go south quick. These feel like they are going to be soft and while swatching, the line feathers. I’ll have to be careful with them. I don’t know how they sharpen yet. I’ll find out soon enough. These retail for $2.99 ($373.75/oz) and I picked up ½ of their shade range! I got Bare to Comment, Red the Scene, and Never Petal Down. If these work out, I may have to pick up the other 3 in this line. The price is definitely cheap enough for that.

❤ Dee


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