Solo Traveler #70: J.Cat Beauty Twist and Kiss Hydrating Lip Balm

16667309_10100938530825069_1650722760_oI got the J.Cat Beauty Twist and Kiss Hydrating Lip Balm as part of the brand’s lip vault. 8 items for $26.00! This product retails normally at $4.99 ($35.64/oz). I got the shades Eskimo Kiss and Butterfly Kiss. I gave them a score of 20.

When I saw lip balms were coming in the lip vault, I wasn’t sure if I would bother with scoring and reviewing them. I generally consider lip balm to be part of my skin care routine and not really makeup. However, the product description claimed these were opaquely tinted so I gave them a try looking at them as a lipstick rather than a lip moisturizer.

I tried Butterfly Kiss first simply to get it over. You all know I’m not hot for pinks. And this is bright pink. It swatched opaque just as the product description says but swatches can be deceiving. It was not deceiving. The color payout is fantastic. Even more so, it felt exactly like a regular lip balm. My lips felt soft and smooth. There is a great deal of transfer when using this but I literally still had visible pink on my lip and felt moisturized 8 hours after application. That was unreal.

I tried Eskimo Kiss next. The results were the same. Strong, long-lasting color and moisture. I’m losing my mind over these balms.

Oddly enough, they both smell. But EK smells slightly like chocolate while BK smells distinctly like chemicals. Neither of the smells mess with my allergies so I’m not too concerned about it.

I am beyond happy with these lip balms. J.Cat has 3 other shades of this product and I very well may buy them all. You have to try these out if you like color but want the moisture of a balm.

❤ Dee


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