ELF, I’m Disappointed :(

I have a bone to pick with ELF. I’m waffling between being mad and being disappointed.

The love of my life is the ELF Matte Lip Colors. When I discovered them, they had 15 shades. I own 13 of them. At $3/each, I decided I wanted to own the entire collection. I am missing fuchsia and coral. I ordered fuchsia back in December during the Boxing Day sale but it never showed up. It went out of stock (despite not showing out of stock on the website). I contacted support because I wanted to know when fuchsia and coral would be back in stock. They lady assured me they would both be back in stock soon. That was early January.

I checked elfcosmetics.com daily. Sometime near the end of January, not only were both of these shades not in stock still, fuchsia disappeared from their shade list. I contacted support again. The rep said both would be back in stock and said twice that fuchsia wasn’t discontinued despite the shade being removed from the list. Okay then.

I have checked the website every 1-2 days for the last 2 months since. I’ve gotten a little discouraged lately so I stopped checking as often. I’d say it has been a week since I looked for those lipsticks. And guess what I found yesterday when I checked the site? Fuchsia is still gone from the shade list… and now, coral is gone too. And they seem to have changed the color icons too. Berry Sorbet is not a dusty mauve, hot commodity is not a dusty pink, rich red is not a burnt orange, etc.  I remember these being a bit closer to their true colors. What the heck!?


Tow Row, L-R: Tea Rose, Natural, Praline, Nearly Nude, Wine, Cranberry, Berry Sorbet, Hot Commodity, Rich Red. Bottom Row, L-R: Dash of Pink, Rowdy Rouge, Scarlet Night, Mulberry Maven

So uh… I guess my collection is complete at 13/13 instead of 15/15. I’m mad because the rep wasn’t honest about their restock or discontinuing shades. I’m disappointed because I wanted both of those shades and have been watching for them almost daily up until the last week. If the sales rep had been honest, I wouldn’t have done that. It makes me a bit sour on ELF right now. 😦

❤ Dee


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