DIY Moisturizer with Sunscreen

A couple months ago, I had to change my skin care routine. With the winter, my skin was getting dry and my routine couldn’t keep up.

I tried out a few new face washes, changed my toner, changed my moisturizer, and added an eye cream. But something has been bothering me. I normally use WalMart’s equate brand equivalent to Neutrogena day-time moisturizer. It is oil free and has SPF 35. It isn’t formulated for sensitive skin but I didn’t have any issues. I switched to St. Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Moisturizer. The two products have about the same consistency but the St. Ives moisturizer is 4 times the size for almost 2/3rds of the cost. And it feels amazing on my skin. I have seen a major difference in my skin since the change. But it doesn’t have any SPF. I have been comfortable leaving the house with or without foundation because my moisturizer had a decent SPF. Now, I don’t have that. It is really bothering me.

Note: Any SPF above 50 is almost redundant, with the benefits being negligible at that grade or higher. To be skin-safe, your SPF grade should be between 30 and 50, and should include both UVA and UVB protection. Look for sunscreens that say broad spectrum, multi spectrum, or UVA/UVB protection. The difference between “regular” sunscreen and “facial” sunscreen is down to ingredients. If you have sensitive skin or are prone to acne, you’ll probably want the facial sunscreen. It is as expensive or worse than regular sunscreen though. Surprisingly, my regular sunscreen, when prepared in the following DIY method, does not bother my skin so maybe you can make regular sunscreen work for you too.

Last week I decided to DIY myself a moisturizer with SPF. My moisturizer jar is still mostly full despite a month of use. I’m convinced this 10 ounce container is going to last until I’m 40. 😀 Once it gets down to about 1/2 full, I’m going to buy another one and just fill the old one up the rest of the way with sunscreen and stir. Until then, I had to make due with what I had laying around.

Using my St. Ives moisturizer, I picked up a sunscreen with SPF 100 from clearance (it was super cheap), and then found some other tools I already had: an empty travel size bottle, a kitchen size funnel, and a baby spoon.

This took a couple tries to get right. I squeezed the sunscreen from the tube into the travel bottle until it was about 1/2 full. Then I scooped the travel bottle into my big container of moisturizer until it was mostly full. I shook the crap out of this bottle but had to give up. I just couldn’t mix the sunscreen and moisturizer enough.

I squeezed all of the moisturizer/sunscreen out of the bottle onto a styrofoam plate and stirred it with the baby spoon. That didn’t do much good either. Eventually, I gave in and just used my clean hands to mash this stuff together. It is a little lumpy but it finally mixed up. I scrapped a ton of it off my fingers into the bottle and then used the baby spoon and funnel to get the rest of it back in the bottle.

Once it was mostly back in, I shook the crap out of it again until it finally reached a consistency that I liked. Voila!

I shake it every day before use since the sunscreen is heavier than the moisturizer. Then I apply it just like I do any moisturizer. It takes a little bit longer to absorb than my normal moisturizer but I’m fine with that. Now I have my day time moisturizer with SPF back and I am feeling much more secure in my facial protection. Bring on summer!

❤ Dee


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