Solo Traveler #68: J.Cat Beauty Matte Lipstick Diary

16667848_10100938530979759_289737398_oI got the J.Cat Beauty Matte Lipstick Diary as part of the brand’s lip vault. 8 items for $26.00! This product retails normally at $4.99 ($41.58/oz). I got the shade Am I Ready?. I gave it a score of 19.

This is a very nice matte lipstick. It has a smell but it fades quickly. The color is very nice. It lasts for several hours before needing a touch up

However, it never dries completely matte so it transfers to everything. The color doesn’t run so much as smear whenever it is touch. Back to the not dry issue.

You all know about my issue with sexualized naming conventions in makeup. I’m just not into it. With shade names like dirty first kiss and two tongues twisted, it gets my ick factor going.

This brand has 12 shades on and they aren’t horrible colors, even if the names are vomit-worthy. There are several nudes, some berries and reds, and even a lavender and bold blue shade. If you don’t have an issue with the names, these are decent for the price. Just don’t expect a miracle lipstick because you will still have to touch it up throughout the day.

❤ Dee


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