My Family Is Trying to Help

In the crazy planning of this upcoming vacation, I didn’t want my family to spend money on me for my birthday. I asked them to look through their vacation supplies and help me fill in a few holes. We all hoard vacation supplies for some reason. Unfortunately, no one really seemed to get the memo. I got a few gift cards, always appreciated, but no travel supplies.

No big deal. I made a checklist and stuck to it.

This is what I dug out of my travel stash or bought:

17268977_10100966676535839_1417848267_o It is a lot but it all fits into my toiletry bag so I’m good. I’ve got shave gel and 2 razors, a toothbrush inside a case, toothpaste, a couple tiny perfume samples, mouth wash, body wash, sunscreen, q-tips, toner, moisturizer, panty liners, deodorant, a small first aid kit, stomach meds, pain meds, allergy meds, facial sunscreen, shampoo & conditioner, facial cleanser, tweezers, cotton pads, tissues, hair ties, and aloe inside an empty moisturizer jar (because I don’t need that much aloe on this trip). The only stuff from this list that I ended up purchasing was the sunscreen, toner, panty liners, medications, facial sunscreen, and aloe. I had the rest already.

I came home the other day and had a few packages, belated birthday gifts from my Gran and her brothers and sisters (my Great Aunts and Uncles). My haul grew to this:

17269695_10100966676485939_967481210_o By sheer overkill, I’ve added SPF 50 spray sunscreen, a bra wash bag, a set of empty bottles (Gran); hair spray , lotion, another toothbrush and case (Aunt E); a soap container, antibacterial wipes, headbands, another body wash (Uncle J); another 6 pack of razors, hand sanitizer, another shaving cream (Aunt R); baby wipes, makeup remover wipes, and a loofah (Uncle T).

Now, I am by no means complaining. In my own vacation hoard, I probably have 12 bottles of shampoo and 15 tubes of travel-size toothpaste. However… some of these items… I can’t help but giggle. I’m going on a 9 day vacation… so why would I take 6 razors? I haven’t used bar soap in a long time so I don’t need that case. The hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes were definitely good ideas that I didn’t think about. I haven’t used hair spray in my hair since prom, 2002. I’m allergic to that lotion. I will definitely get use out of those empty bottles. I kind of wish I had those before I poured my aloe into that old moisturizer jar. The whole point is that they went out of their way to coordinate so no one got me the same thing between them, they didn’t spend much money, and they wanted to help me with my vacation supplies. I thought it was adorable. ❤

I’m already taking a lot of toiletry items and hoping they don’t bust open in my checked bag. I think I’m going to toss in that spray sunscreen, the hand sanitizer, and the antibacterial wipes. The rest is going to go into my already crowded stash of vacation and bathroom supplies.

❤ Dee


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