Solo Traveler #66: J.Cat Beauty Triple Crown Baked Eyeshadow

16443901_10100932571183239_178023005_oI got the J.Cat Beauty Triple Crown Baked Eyeshadow as part of the brand’s eye vault. 9 items for $24.00! This product retails normally at $5.99 ($35.24/oz). The one I picked up is in the shade cherry fudge sundae. I scored this product at 20.

Finally, a baked eyeshadow that I love!

The pros:

  • The colors are very pigmented. You really don’t have to build these colors up at all to get good payout.
  • They blend very easily. You will not need to be a makeup pro to blend these shades.
  • They are versatile in that you can use them wet or dry for different looks. The red shade in this trio is especially vibrant when applied with a wet brush.
  • They last all day long without losing color or moving around provided you also use a good eyeshadow primer. Without that good eyeshadow primer, they will crease if you have oily eyelids as I do.

The cons:

  • With the initial swatching, this product didn’t have much fall out. When picking up product with a brush, it has a ton of fall out around the pan. It didn’t have too much fall out on my face but it made a mess of my desk.
  • This is all shimmer eyeshadows so it isn’t necessarily going to complete an entire eye look despite the claim that you can use all 3 shades as a base, contour, and eyeliner. If you don’t mind all shimmer, it will be fine. But I think most people do like a bit of matte in the contour area at least. I personally prefer only to have shimmer on my lids and inner corner highlight so this was an issue for me. A matte brown instead of that top lightest shade would have been nice here to use dry in the crease and wet as an eyeliner.
  • The packaging is a bit difficult to open. It is nowhere near as difficult to open as the Manna Kadar blush I got from Ipsy back in January though.

J.Cat has 11 more baked eyeshadow trios in this line. They all have delicious sounding names like Baked Alaska and Crushed Oreo. Looking at them, I have a very clear picture of what kind of eye look I’d want to create with each one and which matte shade from the rest of my eyeshadow collection I would pair these. For instance, their trio “Raspberry Smoothie” is all rose golds. I would love to use that and pair it with “tan” out of my Ulta Gilded Gold palette or possibly “To-A-T” from ColourPop. With their trio “Green Tea Frappe” I would pair it with “laced” a light brown matte shade in my Urban Decay Vice XX Lmt. Reloaded palette. I will be watching these eyeshadow trios and will very likely buy more soon.

❤ Dee


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