Vacation Update #2

6.5 weeks to go and I am making progress on my vacation to-do list. Remember my list from a couple weeks ago? Check it out (updates are in purple, 100% completed items are struck through):

  • Wash all the clothing that I got or will be taking with me. Will do that the week before I leave. Waiting.
  • Decide if I want to go to the doctor for those seasickness patches or take a chance with Dramamine. I need to decide this in the next month. Still pondering.
  • Clean my suitcases and decide which one to take.  Done. I’m taking the slightly smaller one so I’m less likely to go over the 40-pound limit for the plane.
  • Figure out my pants situation. I planned on taking 1 pair of jeans, 2 pair of capris, and 1 pair of black dress pants. I have struck out on 3 out of 4. Going to dig through Mom’s clothes before I do anything. Maybe I’ll just buy the pants shortener things I saw at the craft store last week instead of buying new capris. Mom has plenty of jeans that I can wear but I didn’t like the black dress pants she had. And she doesn’t own any capris. So I still have to go shopping. 😦
  • Fill out all the cruise documents. Waiting for the cruise line to post them on my account. I don’t know what those documents are, but they need to be completed. They finally posted these on Wednesday. All done.
  • Purchase any ship extras. I’m trying to limit the hit I take while traveling so whatever I can do now and adjust my actual vacation expenses will help. Done!
    • I’m looking at the soda/water packages. Mom is getting one or the other for me for my birthday. It is $39.00 for a single delivery of 6 1-liter bottles of water or $8.00/day for the soda package. So they come out to be about the same. I ended up getting a soda package and have made room in my budget for morning coffee if it is not included for free or if the free stuff is awful.
    • I’m also trying to decide on if I want the internet package or not. I need to decide that soon. It is about $12.00/day if I get it now. If I wait until I’m on the ship, I think it is around $16.00/day. Mom is not having this “no contact for 5 days and 4 nights” stuff so I probably need to get the internet package so I can at least send her a message on Facebook from my phone. There wasn’t much to choose here. They don’t go by speed, just by number of devices. I’m only taking my phone so 1 device it is.
    • I can also prepay the ship gratuity fees. I think it is $13.50/day or something. I had to call the cruise line for this one instead of being able to pay it through their website. I spent over 30 minutes on hold and spent 3 minutes with an agent paying the gratuities. Thank God that is done.
  • Make copies of my driver’s license, passport, and medical cards to keep in my travel book. Just in case. I will get around to it as soon as I can find my passport. I think it is in Mom’s safe. Done!
  • Find a small wallet. I have a dozen or so of these somewhere. I just need to find them. And then figure out how much cash is reasonable yet safe to carry. I need cash for tips and the straw market at least. But, if something happens to my bank card, I don’t want to be stuck either. No idea where all my small wallets have went. But I got a cell phone case that has a wallet insert. I can use that for most days.
  • Figure out travel arrangements. I can’t do Uber from the airport but I might be able to do the rest with Uber. I need to account for how much each journey costs and the time to get there. Those long trips are going to be expensive. I’m researching my options through shuttles, Uber, and other private services. A rental car is out. I don’t want to drive. I think my first hotel has a shuttle to Universal so that might be covered. One small step, lots of expenses to go. Still stuck on trying to figure out the shuttle from the airport to the hotel stuff. Uber is probably my best bet for everything else. More research needed. I have to travel:
    • from the airport to my hotel (40 miles),
    • from my hotel to Universal and back (3 miles),
    • from my hotel to the port (60 miles),
    • from the port to my 2nd hotel (65 miles),
    • from my hotel to whatever I end up doing in Orland that night and back (? miles),
    • from my hotel to Disney and back (11 miles), and
    • from my hotel back to the airport (50 miles).
  • Make a budget. I’m nearly finished with everything I need to pre-purchase. Once I do the cruise pre-purchases and find pants, I’m literally finished with what I need to buy. Still working on pants.

    • So far, I’m doing okay with my initial budget.
      • The cruise was a lot more than I expected because I didn’t know solo cruisers are charged 200% fare. That sucked.
      • Since I am doing this 2 months out, I still have plenty of time to work out the rest of the budgeting. I have to deal with travel, souvenirs, food when I’m not on the ship, parking when I get my car from the airport on my way home, and account for extras.
    • My coworker suggested I budget for a massage while on the cruise but I think I’m going to pass on a $200.00/hour massage. o.0 No.
  • Get a pedicure the week before I go. Waiting.
  • Carefully manage my manicure schedule. That is going to be tricky. If I follow my normal 3-week schedule, I will end up getting my mani on (Sunday) April 30th, a full week before I leave. I may have to stretch that out so that I get it on Wednesday or Thursday if my nails are getting too long. Got a mani on Sunday. The next one is schedule for the 1st, putting my schedule out of wack. Going to talk to Dallas about it.
  • Decide what makeup I’m taking. This is of utmost importance and probably the most stressful thing I have going on. No decisions made. Changed my mind 20 times at this point. Ahhhh!

I still have so much to do. 6.5 weeks is still plenty of time, right?

❤ Dee


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