Unboxed #14

Ipsy did a great job this month! I am quite pleased with my items. That pink webbed bag is super cute. Yes, I like it even though it is pink. Who would have thought it? 😀

17342237_10100968389438169_457251697_oFirst up, skin care. I got a sample size of Air Repair’s Complexion-Boosting Moisturizer. The full size runs at $21.00 ($10.50/oz). This moisturizer contains Hyaluronic Acid, something I am starting to hear more about recently. It has a nice creamy consistency, not real thick like most moisturizers. My only complaint right now is that is smells very strongly of flowers. Not crazy about that.

17310421_10100968389522999_602327639_oNext up is So Susan Blush & Glow Luminizing Blush. This is a full size pressed blush that retails for $22.95 ($208.64/oz). So Susan claims this is a fall out free, long wear blush. While finger swatching, I didn’t get a bit of fall out so maybe that claim is true. However, I feel like this swatched more like a pink highlighter rather than a pink blush. It is very shimmery. I should note that if you have long nails, this packaging sucks. It isn’t even close to as hard to open as the Manna Kadar blush, but it isn’t easy like most of my other blushes. However, this blush comes with a full size mirror in the compact. Well, full size for this product which is still relatively small for any usable mirror. It also doesn’t have a noticeable smell.

17342227_10100968389488069_1123783907_oI now have 3 sample size Tarte Tartiest Lip Paints. This is my first in this particular formula though. My other two, Yaassss and Birthday Suit, are the creamy matte lip paint. This is the quick dry matte lip paint in delish. It is a berry shade that retails for $20.00 ($100.00/oz). Application is nice and smooth but it dried a bit streaky. My swatch was a bit heavy though so I’m going to need to be careful with application. It has no smell!

17349217_10100968389498049_606237773_oThe fourth item Ipsy sent this month is a City Color Photo Chic Dark Spot Corrector sample. This retails full size for $3.99 ($28.30/oz). On City Color’s website, it looks like this comes in a pot for a full size product. The sample comes in a compact. Like the blush above, it is similarly difficult to open with long nails. This is a cream color corrector. This has the faintest of smells. With it’s intended use being close to my eyes, I don’t know if that will bother them or not. I don’t have particularly dark circles under my eyes so I may end up passing this on to Mom who has a few age spots. She might get more use out of this than I would.

17342454_10100968389458129_881356005_oThe last item Ipsy sent is another makeup brush. They have been 3 for 3 in sending tools each month. I’m down for that! This is the Beau Gachis Tapered Blending Brush. It retails for $12.00. This brush is interesting. It has long bristles with a rounded top but the bristles are not very soft. I am used to blending brushes being very soft so this might be a new experience for me.

This month, Ipsy sent 3 samples of various values, one full size product worth $22.95, and a tool worth $12.00. Just the blush and brush are a $34.95 value. That was a great $10.00 investment if I don’t say so myself. 😀

Morphe was equally good this month. I got 4 brushes!


M401 Large Pointed Powder brush, $13.99. While this says large powder, it is described as a small tapered powder brush. It is supposed to be used for setting powder, contour, blush, etc. By that description, I was actually expecting a small brush like my Real Techniques setting powder brush. However, this is actually a large powder brush after all! I can’t imagine trying to apply under eye setting powder with this, which is what I was thinking when I read “setting powder”. I guess I should read the description better next time. This brush is super soft and packed full of bristles. This is my 2nd $14.00-ish brush from Morphe!

17453267_10100973896177619_100151534_oM412 Deluxe Pointed Blender brush, $5.99. This is an eyeshadow brush. Yay! This brush is soft, in that the bristles are very nice and have a good amount of movement. However, it is stiff enough to do some real blending. I’m very excited about this brush.

17474036_10100973896062849_1775816761_oM436 Mini Duo Blender brush, $6.99. This brush is intended for blending foundation, concealer or powder. This brush is very soft so I can see it working very well for powder. I’m not convinced that this will hold up well with liquid foundation though. I have to say, when I read “mini” brush, I thought this might be a travel size brush. I think it is just because the bristles are short. The bristles are easily half the length of bristles of the M401 above and not much longer than the bristle length of the M521 below.

17453701_10100973895987999_1506404338_oM521 Chisel Oval Shadow brush, 5.99. This is also an eyeshadow brush! With the rounded head on this brush, it is similar to the Beau Gashis tapered brush that Ipsy sent this month. This is rounded, no big taper, so it is different than the other eyeshadow brush in this bag and it is more flat so it isn’t exactly like the one from Ipsy’s bag. Lots of bristles, fairly coarse. I’m also super excited about this brush. Those white bristles though… yuck.

My Morphe bag was a total value of $32.96. So far, Morphe has been fairly consistent with the value of the bags. I haven’t seen the crazy “I got $80.00 worth of brushes!” thing happen yet but I’ll be waiting for the next bag anyways. 😀

As I said before, if you want to subscribe to Ipsy for $10/month or Morphe Brush Club for $19.99/month, you can click their names for my referral links. You don’t get anything for using my subscriber link through Ipsy, but if you use the Morphe link, we’ll both get a free brush!

 ❤ Dee


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