Solo Traveler #64: J.Cat Beauty Roll It Up Auto Eyeliner

16443891_10100932638488359_853797087_oI got the J.Cat Beauty Roll It Up Auto Eyeliner as part of the brand’s eye vault. 9 items for $24.00! This product retails normally at $2.99 ($299.00/oz). This is in the shade brown. It scored a 21!

This is an auto eyeliner crayon that twists up. Outside of brown, this brand has 11 other shades to choose from in this eyeliner. It is well priced and I liked it a lot.

Like all eyeliner crayons, the product is soft so you have to be gentle with it. Otherwise, you will break the tip off and have a flat circle tip to work with instead of a nice point. It does not have a sharpener included so it is even more important to be easy. I highly recommend finding another small eyeliner crayon sharpener and keeping the point sharp.

This product goes on without skipping or streaking. It is soft enough to smudge out if you want but you can get a nice crisp line with it so smudging isn’t necessary. The color is vibrant and everything I could want in an eyeliner of this type.

I will definitely be buying more of these eyeliners from J.Cat Beauty. Half of the available shades are in the black/brown range (bulk black, brown, charcoal gray, dark gray, bistre, and seal brown). However, they have a few unusual and attention grabbing shades too (lavender, oxford blue, emerald green, dodger blue, ash silver, and ice white). Most of my current eyeliners are black, black/brown, brown, or charcoal. I do have 1 white eyeliner. So I am highly interested in breaking out of my box and trying some of these unusual shades.

❤ Dee


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