J.Cat Beauty Giveaway!

In honor of reaching 100 followers, I am hosting a giveaway on Stuff in a Powder Puff! 😀

Back in January, Ulta mistakenly sent me an extra J.Cat Beauty eye vault instead of the lip vault that I ordered. When I reported the mistake, Ulta let me keep the extra eye vault. So now, I’m passing it onto someone else. The contest is officially open now!



One lucky winner will get:

  1. Love Live Lash Volume Mascara ($5.99)*
  2. Love Live Lash Primer Mascara ($5.99)
  3. Blinkle Shimmer Eyeshadows in Oh My Ruby! ($5.99)
  4. Blinkle Shimmer Eyeshadows in Smoked Tiger Eye ($5.99)
  5. Roll It Up Auto Eyeliner in Brown ($2.99)
  6. Triple Crown Baked Eyeshadow in Cherry Fudge Sundae ($5.99)
  7. Big Eye Pencil in Marshmallow ($3.99)
  8. Big Eye Pencil in Charcoal ($3.99)
  9. Shimmery Powders in Floral White ($3.45)
  10. Shimmery Powders in Dark Wood ($3.45)

*The mascara is not actually part of the eye vault. I bought it to go with this giveaway. How can you have an eye vault without mascara?!

The prize is a single encompassing prize. There is no 2nd place. Sorry about that but things get murky when there are multiple winners.

The total retail value of this giveaway is $47.82 if you break everything down individually. I only paid for the mascara though. You can buy the vault (without the mascara) for $24.00. If you wanted to pick up the eye vault and the mascara, it would set you back $29.99. Click on the links if you want to read the reviews I wrote on each of these products as they go up. There were a couple products that were not my favorites but I was beyond impressed with the majority of these eye products.

This is excellent timing as all of my reviews for these products are coming up this month. As the month progresses, I will update this post with the links to my product reviews.

How to enter the giveaway:

  1. Follow this blog Stuff In A Powder Puff.
  2. Comment below with your favorite eye product from any brand. Don’t forget include a link to your blog or a social media account (pick only one to link, otherwise it will be marked as spam by the filter and I genuinely never check it) if you want. I’m totally down for cross promotion. One big blog family! ❤
  3. You can get a bonus entry if you go to Instagram, follow my Instagram account @no.1puffin, and like and comment on the J.Cat Beauty Giveaway pic. Make sure you remember to comment the name that you follow this blog under to get the extra entry. That post will go live in a few hours from when this blog post goes live.

Pretty simple entry, no? 😀


  • This giveaway is a no purchase necessary type giveaway. Your odds of winning will not increase by sending me anything. None of you have my email or home address so you can’t send me anything anyways. I have no affiliate links. I do not benefit in any way from the giveaway except by if you choose to stick around after the completion of the giveaway. I’d be cool with that but it isn’t required after the fact.
  • This giveaway is void where prohibited. Don’t enter if you can’t legally enter based on your country/region’s laws.
  • Entry into this giveaway is voluntary. I don’t know why I have to point that out, but smarter people than me have suggested that making this statement is important.
  • If you live in an area that requires a giveaway to be considered a skill-based contest, then your comment needs to include an answer to this question: How do you calculate the cost per ounce of a product if the product is measured in grams? That meets the requirements of skilled contests. If you do not live in an area that has this requirement, you can ignore this. If you do live in an area that requires this and get the answer wrong, then you will sadly be disqualified. Canadian residents, this applies to you. Don’t blame me. Canadians are not allowed to participate in “luck of the draw” giveaways so you have to meet this extra requirement. If you live in a country/region that has similar requirements, do this extra step.
  • I will pay for shipping, including international shipping*, and tracking. The value used will be $29.99, how much it would cost me to buy the mascara and eye vault right now. You will not be required to pay for anything. The exception to this is if something happens at customs that requires you to pay something extra. I cannot foresee this and am not responsible for these additional duties.
  • You must be following Stuff In A Powder Puff at the time that I choose a winner. If you only comment, it will not count. If you followed the blog when this post goes up but unfollow before I announce the winner, you will not be eligible.
  • To get the bonus entry, you must follow both accounts (my blog and my Instagram page) and let me know which comment on the blog post is yours. However, this step is not necessary and by no means will it limit a reader’s ability to win.
  • Only one comment entry per person will be counted. Multiple comment entries from the same person on the blog will be ignored. Same goes for multiple comments on Instagram.
  • I don’t know if this is a thing but you cannot get an entry by commenting as an anonymous reader. That just gets too complicated. If commenting requires you to join Word Press or Instagram, that is your choice to do so. I am not sponsored by Word Press or Instagram nor do I sponsor them. I just use their free services like millions of other people.
  • Comments on my other blog posts does not count as an entry and will not get you any extra points. They are, of course, welcome.
  • Entry for the giveaway closes 11:59pm eastern standard time on April 19, 2017.
  • This is open to international residents!*
  • I am not associated with J.Cat Beauty or Ulta in any way. I am not responsible if you do not like the products or have some kind of reaction to the products. By entering this giveaway, you agree that I am not responsible for these things.
  • If you are under 18, you must have parental consent to enter the giveaway. By entering this giveaway, you are saying you have parental consent. If you do not, then that responsibility and any repercussions are your responsibility.
  • These products are new, never opened. The outside packaging has been exposed to cigarette smoke in my home though. By entering this giveaway, you recognize that the containers (more importantly the boxes and bag) have been exposed to cigarette smoke and you are fine with that. I have taken what precautions I can to limit this exposure but there may be some lingering smell.
  • I will package the prize as securely as possible. What happens during shipping is out of my hands. I will not be responsible for product that arrives damaged and will not replace it. By entering this giveaway, you accept this.


  • I will choose the winner the day after the giveaway closes on April 20, 2017. I can’t figure out how to do the random name picker thingy so I’m just going to write all the eligible names down, put them in a hat, mix them up, and have one of the kids draw the name.
  • I will announce the winner on my blog within 24 hours of the close of the giveaway (unless something prevents me from doing so… like power outage, sickness, etc.). I will give the winner 72 hours at that point to contact me via the blog “Contact Me” form with a full shipping address and a valid email address. If they do not contact me, I will choose a 2nd winner immediately. For the sake of fairness, no exceptions can be made with this time limit. Make sure you check back no later than April 22, 2017 to see if you’ve won!
  • I will ship the prize within 2 business days (not counting Sunday) of contact and provide a tracking number to the winner. How long it actually takes to ship (and the updating of tracking) is out of my hands at that point.
  • The odds of winning is based on how many people choose to participate in the giveaway. Each reader has a maximum of 2 entries if they choose to utilize the bonus Instagram entry.


*The USA has trade embargos against some countries. I cannot legally send packages to those countries. Please check to see if your country is part of the banned list prior to entry. I will pick a new winner, with prejudice, if I find out at the post office that I am trying to send a package to an illegal recipient.

Welp, that’s it folks. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask. Good luck to everyone!

❤ Dee



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