Solo Traveler #62: J.Cat Beauty Mascara Primer

16466861_10100932571043519_1812475658_oI got the J.Cat Beauty Love Live Lash Primer Mascara as part of the brand’s eye vault. 9 items for $24.00! This product retails normally at $5.99 ($21.39/oz). It is a mascara primer and is white in the tube and on the wand. This product scored a 21.

I’m not sure how I feel about this primer. It scored really high due to a lot of gimme points. It was part of a sale set from Ulta so it got all 3 points in the sale category. It is white but goes on clear so I had to give it 3 points in the shade category. There is nothing to judge this product against in the look category since it is meant to be under mascara so it got 3 gimme points there. The company is cruelty-free so it picked up 2 points there.

I can’t really tell that this product does anything. I’ve worn one of the brand’s mascaras with and without this without seeing any difference. I’ve wore this primer under a few other mascaras too. They haven’t looked any different with it versus without it.

So I tried it by itself for a day just to see what it was really doing. That was interesting. It separated my lashes well and dried clear. It gave a slight curl on its own too. That was about it. If I ever wanted to go without mascara but wanted to define my lashes a bit, this would work well for that. I don’t imagine that day would ever happen but it is a possibility.

If you like the idea of no mascara days, this product is well priced and would work out very nicely. If you want a primer that helps an otherwise struggling mascara, I don’t think this product will help you. I will not be repurchasing it unfortunately.

 ❤ Dee


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