Solo Traveler #61: J.Cat Beauty Mascara

For the next 2 weeks, I will be reviewing 2 items a day. I have so many J.Cat Beauty products that it will take me forever to review them one day at a time otherwise with my new posting schedule. So I’ll post one in the morning and one at night until I’ve made my way through them.

16443728_10100932541712299_1613137107_oIn January, I picked up J.Cat Beauty Love Live Lash Volume Mascara for $5.99 ($21.39/oz) from I had picked up the brand’s eye vault for the low price of $24.00 but it didn’t include a mascara so I got this to go with all the products in the vault. I gave it a score of 20.

This is a black mascara that is supposed to give volume. It is in the name. If by “volume” they mean length, definition, curl, and color, then their description is correct. However, if “volume” was supposed to mean thickness, then they failed big time. With or without the mascara primer of the same brand, this mascara does a lot of great things. As I said above, it lengthens, defines each lash, curls them without the need for an eyelash curler, and provides very rich deep color to the lashes. But there is no thickness added at all.

I went up to 4 coats to try to get thickness. Just a heads up, this mascara does not like 4 coats of product. At 3 coats, it was starting to get clumpy. At 4 coats, it was clump city and I had to use my tweezers to try to separate lashes that were quite beautiful at 2 coats of mascara.

When I wasn’t being crazy with the layers, this mascara functioned very well. It lasts all day. It doesn’t flake off throughout the day. It is pretty easy to remove. More so, the brush applicator is exactly what I want: real bristles! It isn’t tapered at the point but it works just fine the way it is.

Despite this mascara doing such good things and scoring well, I won’t repurchase it for myself. All I want is for my lashes to be thicker. Okay, darker is good too. But thickness is what I’m after. If you want all the rest of that stuff, this mascara might very well be a holy grail product. But it isn’t for me.

❤ Dee


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