Free Makeup For Me!

I love it when things fall into place for me to get free stuff. 😀

I went to watch Kid 1’s color guard competition yesterday. They did really well but placed 4th out of 7 in their division. She is bummed but she totally racked up the guard gear. Independently, we all got her guard swag. Mom bought her a jacket. I got her sweat pant capris. Our step-mom got her a t-shirt and a bag (Kid 1 hoards bags like I hoard lipsticks). And Dad got her shorts. We all went at different times during the competition and somehow managed to not get duplicates. Score for her. 😀

While there, I spent a bit of time with Dad and Step-Mom. We don’t hang out as often as we should (Dad and I are both fairly anti-social) so I sat with them for over half of the competition. I felt bad leaving Mom to sit alone but she survived. Before we left, Dad handed me a belated birthday card. Inside, he had a $20 prepaid gift card. I reminded him that he had already given me a birthday gift ($20 to Starbucks… um peach green tea lemonades for the win! Let’s not talk about the resulting heartburn k?). He shrugged and told me to keep it anyways. Um… yay for Dad having a bad memory? lol

I got home and sat down to figure out what I was going to do with that gift card. It does me absolutely no good to save it for vacation. $20 isn’t going far on a cruise and it has foreign transaction fees so it really isn’t going to do me anything on the islands. I have everything I need for my vacation except pants and I’m still hoping Mom has something that will work. So I started digging through my recent emails and found a 10% off coupon for Wet N Wild’s website. I have $15-ish credit on their site for a few out of stocks last year that they held in my account for some reason instead of returning to my card. I never cashed it in either. Interesting…

I hopped over to Wet N Wild’s website and discovered that with my credit, the 10% off coupon, and that prepaid card, I could get a $40-ish order for free (shipping is free for orders $35 and over). Maybe for a few pennies if my math wasn’t right. Sweeeeeet! I picked out 3 eyeshadow trios (the new spring ones), 1 eyeliner, 2 mascaras (uh… one of these is green, I’m losing my mind lol), 2 liquid lippies (the super hyped catsuit ones!!!), and 3 lip liners. I crossed my fingers and hit the order button. My order was $35.90 after the 10% discount and my credit was for $15.92. So now my gift card has $0.02 on it. I paid nothing for 11 items. Wooooooo! So excited. 😀

Have you picked up anything new from Wet N Wild recently?

❤ Dee


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