(Bad) Makeup Advice

Hey everyone, we’re back to the regularly scheduled Sunday program today! If you are new here, (Bad) Makeup Advice is my musings on rules or advice I have heard over the years.

Today’s saying is advice that was given to me just a few days ago actually.

If your makeup isn’t expensive, it isn’t worth it.

A little bit of context here, this was said by one of the lovely ladies I work with regularly. We were discussing makeup and clothing on a short break. She came from a company that manufactured clothing before she came to where we work now. She was President of the company before she left to care for her elderly parents. So she knows her stuff when it comes to high end markets. I had made the comment that I would rather get a $10 shirt from WalMart and replace it every year than get a $60 shirt from Pennys or Macys that I replace in 3 years. That just makes good math sense to me. She disagreed and we eventually got to makeup. The summary of her point was that if it isn’t expensive, then you are paying for something worthless. :/

She is in her mid-50s, has worked a corporate job since she was 18, and comes from a middle class family when middle class really meant something. She has always had a decent amount of money for luxuries, makeup included. Her mom bought all of her makeup from the department store beauty counter so why wouldn’t she? As she got older and moved her way up the corporate ladder, this extra money became more and more. I would say she hasn’t made less than 60k in the past 20 years. Whereas I made less than 13k in 2015. She meant what she said but it just isn’t realistic anymore. As someone that is naturally frugal, this bit of advice caught me off guard. So basically, she was saying if you didn’t shell out $100 for that foundation, why bother…

I’m not going to argue that expensive makeup shouldn’t be expensive. Certainly I think some things are over priced simply due to the name on the product but I’ve never looked at makeup that is in the $60 range or higher anyways. There are some things you pay for that are just worth it. For example, my ABH palette was $42. That is expensive to me. And it is a great palette. I got it for the color range and pigmentation. I love it. However, it isn’t without its issues. The mirror is smaller, the eyeshadows kick up a lot of dust, and that velvet cover irks me. For some people, those “cons” will outweigh the “pros” and makes that $42 price tag really cost prohibitive.

What I will argue is that inexpensive makeup can totally be worth it. With so many low end brands coming out with amazing products, you can’t really get away with this saying anymore if you live in the real world. ELF, Wet N Wild, Essence, J.Cat Beauty, etc. have really found their niche in the market, their products are mostly fantastic, and their ability to get word-of-mouth buzz going by consistently having good product is huge. Even NYX and ColourPop, slightly more expensive than the others listed, are still relatively low cost and have their share of knockout products!

If you read ingredients, check reviews, and pay attention to formulas, inexpensive makeup can be a real winner. I have super sensitive skin and I have found foundations that do not make me break out with ELF. My eyes water like crazy but I have found mascaras with Essence that do not affect my eyes. Wet N Wild lipsticks last longer through out the day than most of my high end lipsticks.

As with any brands, you have to try things out and take chances. That is the whole point of this blog. I try out a bunch of stuff and let people know how I feel about it. I’m participating in consumerism (go economy go!) and doing the word-of-mouth bit too. I am a hardcore ELF fan girl despite the fact that I can’t get their concealers to work for me. I like everything I’ve ever tried from Wet N Wild. I’m 2/2 with Essence products (and really need to try more soon). And J.Cat Beauty eye and lip products… well those reviews start on Monday. Let’s just say those were surprises. 😀 At any rate, I’m totally comfortable dropping $20-something on a concealer when I know the rest of the products on my face cost less than that all together.

Inexpensive makeup can be totally worth it.

Makeup is an incredibly fun hobby. It can be expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. In the age of the internet, it is so easy to find out who has made dupes of expensive products, what products are buyer bewares, and find out about coupons and sales. Work within your own budget and don’t let anyone else poo-poo on your choices.

Do you have any recommendations for low end brands I should give a try? I’ve checked out ELF, Wet N Wild, Essence, J.Cat Beauty, NYX, ColourPop, and all the regular drugstore brands (Cover Girl, Maybelline, Revlon, Almay, etc.). I want to try new brands! And not destroy my makeup budget in the process. 😀

❤ Dee

Uh, just saying here, if anyone from these brands were to ever read this, I would totally be down for free products in exchange for honest reviews. lol


2 thoughts on “(Bad) Makeup Advice

  1. Physicians formula, L.A girl cosmetics, and makeup revolution are great drugstore brands! Physicians formula can be on the pricier side of the drugstore end but is well worth it.!

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    • I’ve tried 1 mascara from PF, nothing from LA Girl, and I think a highlighter and 2 of the lip kits from MR. Great recommendations. I’ll have to start looking through their stuff! 😀

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